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10 tips for an eco friendly Halloween

Halloween is here, and this season lets take a look at how you can make the festivities an eco friendly one. The environment degradation is scaring us with it distorted face, quite poignantly. So, to make our nature a better place, lets have a look at how you can celebrate a green Halloween without dampening […]


5 up-cycled DIY ideas for Halloween decor

Halloween is here, and so is our urge to create something spooky and new. This season, lets try some eco friendly practices, and make Halloween a rather responsible one. There are some fantastic green décor ideas, that can be done without any hassle. These crafts can be made at home, and will cost to as […]


7 Green spooky costume ideas for this Halloween !!

Well, the scary and spooky days are back, and all of us are gearing up, to give out our spooky best. Dressing up on Halloween is a style statement in itself, but doing it in an eco friendly way is certainly an art. This season, the scary face of environmental degradation has become a much […]