Innovative bamboo bike helps charge mobile devices

Over the years we have seen several eco friendly devices, that help us create power from daily use stuff around us. This innovative bamboo bike is yet another addition to the stream of devices, which give us power without conventional plug-ins. Bambootec, a consortium from Yucatán, Mexico, has created a bamboo bicycle, that turns pedaling […]


Dutch company harvests electricity from living plants, know more

The need for creating energy from sources easily available, has propelled a Dutch company to make a significant headway. The company harnesses electricity from the live plants, which are then used to power up streetlights, cell phone and Wi-Fi hot spots. Conceived in 2014 at an old ammunition factor, the designers of the “Starry Sky” […]

New plastic recycling technology works without water

New technology allows recycling of plastic, without water

Recycling of plastic is probably one of the top priorities, to save our environment from degradation. However, this has been proved to be an extremely expensive and energy intensive process, which again takes a toll on the environment directly or indirectly. Typically, plastic is washed with detergents and then ground into smaller pieces or beads. […]

Wireless Charger Powers Devices from 15 Feet Away

From 15 feet away, now power your devices with a wireless charger

Wireless chargers are not new in the town, and has been giving folks a convenient device powering option from a fairly long time. But what makes, this all new ‘WATTUP’ wireless device stunning, is its capability to power devices up to 15 feet away, conveniently and efficiently. The designer showcased this device at this year’s […]

New teeth grown from urine - study

Stem Cells from Urine helps grow new teeth

A new study has revealed, that now rudimentary teeth can be grown with the help of urine. The results from the experiments, published in Cell Regeneration Journal, showed that urine could be used as a source of stem cells, that in turn could be grown into tiny tooth-like structures, which are specially viable for people […]

Solar-Powered, Concrete Hull Boat

Concrete Hull Boat, Powered by Solar energy

When you want to create something new, even a thing like a hull boat also becomes a major source of inspiration. This is exactly what happened when Carter Quillen bought an old boat, and decided to turn into the largest solar powered concrete hulled boat in the world, rather than masking it all over again. […]

Adidas’ new flagship building in Germany goes to COBE

The designing of Adidas’ new flagship building in Germany goes to the famous Danish architects – COBE. In an international competition, that was opened to get the most ingenious design, chose COBE because of their “in-sync with nature” element. Shaped like a rhombus, the 118,400-square-foot building was designed with an eye-catching facade, that is open […]