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new years party 2015

10 cool DIY decoration ideas for New Years Party

As soon as you finish with Christmas, just within a week New Year knocks your door. And, with New Year comes parties and celebration ! If the Christmas has already taken a toll on you, lets try somethings that’s going to give your New Party a very personal touch of décor. Here are some DIY […]


5 up-cycled DIY ideas for Halloween decor

Halloween is here, and so is our urge to create something spooky and new. This season, lets try some eco friendly practices, and make Halloween a rather responsible one. There are some fantastic green décor ideas, that can be done without any hassle. These crafts can be made at home, and will cost to as […]

Eco friendly Woolen Strip Lamp shades

5 Mesmerizing Eco friendly Lampshades for your Sweet Home

Lampshades are arguably one of the quintessential features of our home. It not only decorates our home, but also the choice speak volumes about the way we feel, think and admire. There is practically no dearth of lamp shades in décor homes, but seldom they are eco friendly. This results in huge energy consumption, and […]

LED strip/panel Lights

Smart LED Lighting Options for your Adobe

This is an age of smarter living. Extending responsible hand towards the betterment of the earth, is something that everyone is taking up in various ways. Lights are something that has evolved a great deal, and are made eco friendly in a number of ways. Light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LED lights have emerged as […]

Pebble Tile Flooring

6 Amazing Eco Friendly Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathroom quite literally cleans us. It is the place where wet feet, puddles, dirty clothes, splashdown water, and smudged mak- up, are common. And, hence cleanliness becomes a priority. Bathroom is arguably one of the most roughly used portion of our abode. But, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t make it classy. Here are some […]

Recycled Paper

6 Elegant Eco Friendly Kitchen Counter-Top Ideas

Kitchen décor takes a great deal of your energy, money and time. And why not, after all this is the place that ensures that all your taste buds are grossly satisfied with some fascinating platters. Choosing kitchen accessories is not easy. The choice defines what you are looking for, and also how much you would […]

Eco Friendly DIY Home Decor Ideas

7 Eco Friendly DIY Home Decor Ideas

Decorating our homes with classy accessories is a dream come true in every sense. There are several products available in the market that can make your adobe extremely stylish, elegant and desirable. But, sadly these items are generally least eco friendly, and prove to be anti environment in the long run. Instead,  there are plenty […]

Green Home Furnishings

10 Eco-Friendly Household Products

Over the time, environment friendly products have created a niche market for itself globally. There are several people who are resorting to eco friendly products than the usual synthetic ones. These products are made of recycled and sustainable material. These are non toxic and are healthy and convenient to use. Here are some common eco […]