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Wireless Charger Powers Devices from 15 Feet Away

From 15 feet away, now power your devices with a wireless charger

Wireless chargers are not new in the town, and has been giving folks a convenient device powering option from a fairly long time. But what makes, this all new ‘WATTUP’ wireless device stunning, is its capability to power devices up to 15 feet away, conveniently and efficiently. The designer showcased this device at this year’s […]

Fineck fitness tracking necklace monitors posture and neck movement

Now monitor your posture and neck movement with “Fineck”

Our increasing presence in front of the computer is posing severe health threats to many people. A very large population is constantly suffering with neck and shoulder pain associated with inappropriate postures during long and stressful working hours. Even though these problems look trivial at the onset, but with time they do become considerably serious […]


Make batteries with leftover Halloween Pumpkins, in 5 Steps

It’s been a week that Halloween is over, and what we are left with are few hundreds of pumpkins all over. To ensure, that our environment stays green, these pumpkins must be utilized well, so that the waste can be reduced considerably. Here, is an incredible way of using Halloween pumpkins- make batteries out of […]

Kinetik produces kinetic energy from physical movement

Now charge your mobiles with your own energy!

Have you ever wonder how it would be if you can charge your mobiles while walking to your office, riding a cycle or running at a gym !! Well, designer Alejandra Castelao has conceived something innovative, that is called Kinetik ,which allows you to do exactly the same. Kinetik is nothing but an energy harnessing […]