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sweden home

Eco Friendly Homes for students in Sweden by Tengbom architects

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monarch 3

To save monarch butterflies, U.S launches $3.2 million campaign

The alarming decline of the endangered monarch butterflies has propelled the U.S government to take appropriate measures to arrest the possibility of an extinction of this rare and beautiful species of butterfly. It has been reported, that the monarch butterflies have reduced by 90% in the last two decades, leaving a handful of them around […]

New plastic recycling technology works without water

New technology allows recycling of plastic, without water

Recycling of plastic is probably one of the top priorities, to save our environment from degradation. However, this has been proved to be an extremely expensive and energy intensive process, which again takes a toll on the environment directly or indirectly. Typically, plastic is washed with detergents and then ground into smaller pieces or beads. […]

Green energy: A French start-up has developed a 'Wind Tree' that generates power from air currents

Now, trees are all set to give you electricity, know more

In the quest to make basic resources more and more accessible to people, a French team of engineers have developed an artificial, tree that can generate electricity using the wind. This will be one of its kind project, and looks to be extremely promising as tree and wind both are naturally available through out the […]