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new years party 2015

10 cool DIY decoration ideas for New Years Party

As soon as you finish with Christmas, just within a week New Year knocks your door. And, with New Year comes parties and celebration ! If the Christmas has already taken a toll on you, lets try somethings that’s going to give your New Party a very personal touch of décor. Here are some DIY […]


5 Simple and Cute DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas for Kids

Why not try and make kids an integral part of festivities, this Thanksgiving! There are some very simple yet beautiful craft ideas, that can be made with little bit of help from elder folks. These fun crafts activities will not only make our kids much more creative, but also make them more keen and interested […]


5 up-cycled DIY ideas for Halloween decor

Halloween is here, and so is our urge to create something spooky and new. This season, lets try some eco friendly practices, and make Halloween a rather responsible one. There are some fantastic green décor ideas, that can be done without any hassle. These crafts can be made at home, and will cost to as […]


7 Green spooky costume ideas for this Halloween !!

Well, the scary and spooky days are back, and all of us are gearing up, to give out our spooky best. Dressing up on Halloween is a style statement in itself, but doing it in an eco friendly way is certainly an art. This season, the scary face of environmental degradation has become a much […]

Eco Friendly DIY Home Decor Ideas

7 Eco Friendly DIY Home Decor Ideas

Decorating our homes with classy accessories is a dream come true in every sense. There are several products available in the market that can make your adobe extremely stylish, elegant and desirable. But, sadly these items are generally least eco friendly, and prove to be anti environment in the long run. Instead,  there are plenty […]