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A bicycle that could save 6,000 children's lives each day

A bike that can save millions of life

Not many people know, that there are several parts of the world, where clean drinking water is a matter of sheer luxury. There have been huge quest going on by several organizations to deal with the crisis of clean water. It is estimated that more than three million children are annually affected by contaminated drinking […]

MOTORBIKE that runs on wood chips

Motorbike that runs on wood chips, and powered by Steam

In an attempt to make our earth a much more greener, the automobile companies are putting up relentless effort to come up vehicles, which are less burden on the environment, but without compromising on the look, style and utility. However, in this quest three inventors are going to give the auto geeks a run for […]

Fastest bicycle ever

Rocket Bicycle that touches top speed of 207 MPH, just amazing !

Check out this amazing bicycle, that touches the top speed if 207 MPH, in seconds. This new bike is certainly going to give the bike giants, a run for their money in the future. Made by Arnold Neracher, this bike is synonymous to speed, thrill and power. The power of this bicycle rocket comes from […]

BMW solves the electric car charging problem using street lights

Now Charge your Electric Car with Street Lights

One of the pivotal problem of other wise environment friendly electric cars, is the charging point. This has been an issue, that hinders the growth of electric car market significantly. Electric cars, which are far better than the gas guzzlers (which pose considerable pollution), find it difficult to charge the vehicle en-route, making it a […]


70-Meter Solar Road to power Three Homes, costs $ 3.7 Million

There are several things that are novel, and par excellence in Netherlands. In the quest to achieve even higher aesthetics with responsibility, the Netherlands recently announced the launch of a 70-meter bike lane, that is built with solar panels. This project was planned and executed by SolaRoad, with the help of Netherlands Organization for Applied […]

Sexy, fast, and innovative, the Quant e-Sportlimousine has been approved for European road testing.

World’s First Salt Water Powered Electric Car Unveiled

Nanoflowcell has unveiled the the world’s first electric car, that has been powered by saltwater. The Quant e-Sportlimousine (, has received the much awaited approval for testing in EU. The car is run by a special type of gasoline that is made with salt water. According to Nanoflowcell, “ the Quant e-Sportlimousine can accelerate from […]