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10 tips for an eco friendly Halloween

Halloween is here, and this season lets take a look at how you can make the festivities an eco friendly one. The environment degradation is scaring us with it distorted face, quite poignantly. So, to make our nature a better place, lets have a look at how you can celebrate a green Halloween without dampening […]

London Design Festival 2014

Eco conscious designs and Up-cycled products showcase at London Design Festival 2014

Restless Future, The Arts University in London, gracefully featured at the London Design Festival (2014 held at the Lethaby Gallery . This Design Festivals was organized with themes dominating four themes: Disruptive conscious and Technologies, Expanded Boundaries, No More stuff?, and Democratizing Innovation. The students and participants have taken up various designing ideas and evolutions, […]

Tips on How to become an Eco Friendly Painter

Taking a plunge into the green domain from the traditional one is not always easy. There are various issues that need to be given a good thought before an artist decides to go green, quite literally. Eco friendly actions alone is not sufficient, instead your thought too must be aligned with the activities one take […]

Eco Friendly Paints

7 Trendy Eco friendly Painting Accessories

Who doesn’t like beautiful paintings, and if it is done with green accessories, the value of the creation escalates manifolds. There are various eco friendly accessories for artists, that speak highly about the need to go green in different arenas of our life. The painting accessories, that painters generally use are high on toxins, thus […]

Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

10 Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

Gardening is an essential part of any household. And, there are several ways that can ensure an eco friendly gardening. Eco friendly garden helps in creating an environment that is much more natural and safe. Eco friendly gardening also ensures that there is constant sustainability, and  minimum chemical pollution. Green gardening makes the environment even […]

Eco Friendly Art Supplies

Basic Tips an Eco Friendly Artist Should Know

Ecosims believes in the power of stylish and beautiful objects and art work for transforming the living space  whilst maintaining the sense of care towards the surroundings. Ecosims is here to provide you with some of the best tips for an Eco Friendly Artist. If you are  planning to become an Eco Friendly Artist then […]