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Solar-Powered, Concrete Hull Boat

Concrete Hull Boat, Powered by Solar energy

When you want to create something new, even a thing like a hull boat also becomes a major source of inspiration. This is exactly what happened when Carter Quillen bought an old boat, and decided to turn into the largest solar powered concrete hulled boat in the world, rather than masking it all over again. […]

Adidas’ new flagship building in Germany goes to COBE

The designing of Adidas’ new flagship building in Germany goes to the famous Danish architects – COBE. In an international competition, that was opened to get the most ingenious design, chose COBE because of their “in-sync with nature” element. Shaped like a rhombus, the 118,400-square-foot building was designed with an eye-catching facade, that is open […]

solar powered self-cleaning e-toilets

Solar Powered Self – Cleaning Toilets by Indian Designers

With eco friendliness reaching its peak, new innovations are coming up, that are certainly going to be the best big things in the future. Trending this, recently, an Indian company Eram Scientific Solutions (P) Ltd, has lunched solar powered “world’s cheapest, unmanned, self-cleaning eToilet for schools. Made of stainless steel, with specially designed closet and […]

Crystal Island ,Moscow

10 Eco Friendly Buildings Around the World

Creating a world that is eco friendly is certainly the need of the hour. There is a lot of work going on in this regard around the world. The campaigners of the Green Fraternity strongly root for a greener planet that can be only made possible with the use of recycled goods, sustainable products, fuel […]