10 Eco-Friendly Household Products

Over the time, environment friendly products have created a niche market for itself globally. There are several people who are resorting to eco friendly products than the usual synthetic ones. These products are made of recycled and sustainable material. These are non toxic and are healthy and convenient to use. Here are some common eco friendly products that can be used regularly at home, and earn a step closer to being eco friendly.

1. Green Home Furnishings

Green Home Furnishings
Every home have things that are constantly used by the members of the family. Sofas, couches, dinning table, lamp shades, curtains and several other things that are used by people daily. All these home furnishings are now available in green. They are completely toxic free and are found in wide range of designs and colors. Recycled and sustainable materials are used in creating green home furnishing.

2. Green Bed Mattress and Linens

Green Bed Mattress and LinensIt has been found that when we sleep on the synthetic mattresses, we probably end up exhaling maximum toxic matter. These synthetic mattresses, and bed linens emit huge toxic substances that we seldom realize. Using eco friendly bed furnishing, that are available in wide range, are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also very safe. These products are generally made up of recycled and sustainable materials.

3. Green Kitchen

Green KitchenA green kitchen is the first step towards a healthy household. Right from kitchen counter tops to cabinets, there are various other things that can be made green in a kitchen. Also, indulge yourself in some designer earthen and clay cookware and crockeries. Make the kitchen energy efficient with solar panels, and water conservation measures. With all these, you can make your kitchen eco friendly in every possible sense.

4. Green Bathroom Accessories

Green Bathroom AccessoriesWhen talking about the house, then why leave the bathroom. Bathroom too can be made eco friendly. The bathroom accessories need to essentially eco friendly. Soaps, shampoos and perfumes are available in wide range and are absolutely toxic free. Mostly made of all natural ingredients, these products are extremely healthy and safe to use.

5.Green Foods

Green FoodsNeedless to say, that food is by far the most important aspect of our life. Healthy food is the key to healthy body, soul and mind. It is thus quintessential to pay utmost attention to have food items that are free form pesticides and other harmful chemical. Organic food is the best that you can have and ensure a greener, healthier and safe life.

6. Eco Smart Devices

Eco Smart DevicesEnergy conservation is one of the key principles of the green campaign. To make the house eco friendly, install devices that are eco smart. Switches that have sensors and detect the needs automatically. Also, use energy star appliances and lights that consume less energy than the usual ones. This way one can easily save energy and make the house eco friendly.

7.Green Paints

Green PaintsGreens paints are slowly becoming hugely popular among people who want to get into the green bandwagon. These paints are available in several shades and colors, unlike the popular belief of being monochromatic. Both these paints are made with natural ingredients and are complete non toxic. Both the exterior and the interior of the house can be colored using eco friendly paints.

8. Green Garden

Green GardenOh well, you must be thinking, garden is anyway green; how on earth can we make it even more greener. Well, there are plenty of options to make your house garden green and eco friendly. Use natural and eco friendly fertilizers and pesticides rather than using the synthetic ones. Use more natural plants and do away with the artificial ones. Also, its good to use earthen biodegradable pots in place of plastic ones. Apart from all these, try to have plants inside the house. This makes the environment greener in every sense.

9. Green Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning ProductsCleaning with even cleaner product, thats what being eco friendly is all about. Cleaning products like detergents are generally made with synthetic products. But, eco friendly products are made with natural ingredients, and so is mild on hand and the cloth. Once you use the eco friendly products, you will realize the difference that it makes to your clothes, on the whole.

10. Green Accessories

Green AccessoriesHow about beauty with responsibility ! Carry your attitude with some green accessories, which is widely available in the market. These green accessories are completely toxic free, and are available in different color and designs. Both aesthetically and otherwise these designs are extremely catchy and enhances your beauty manifolds.