9 Green Companies of the World

A company cannot go green overnight. There is enormous hard work, perseverance and conceptualization that goes into making a company eco friendly. The companies which are considered to have attained green label, had started their work decades ago. And today, with their sheer motivation and irresistible urge to make our planet eco friendly, they have inculcated several methods that have successfully resulted in some brilliantly functioned eco friendly companies. For these companies, the ride has never been easy. To jump into the “go green” bandwagon, these companies have ensured that they have an immaculate blend of business economics with the environmental need of the world. Trust me, this isn’t easy at all. Probably for this very reason, it is not a surprise that such companies stand tall today and speak business success and environmental conservation in one breath. Lets take a look at 10 such companies, that have emerged as sheer winners of the “Go Green” campaign.

1. Munich Reinsurance Group

Munich Reinsurance Group
When the whole world was not even thinking about sustainable living, and conservation of energy, Munich Reinsurance Group was busy studying the effects of climate change and global warming. Way back in 1974, this group rooted for green policies, in more ways than one. Today, after more than four decades, they have successfully achieved complete carbon neutrality at its German headquarters. A feat that has been widely appreciated and applauded by eminent environmentalists all over the world.

2. Sony

Sony if not directly, indirectly helps a lot in making a healthier planet. They participate in campaigns that advocate use of bio fuels, use of organic and recycled materials etc. Apart from this, Sony has a sizable number of volunteers who take up various programs such as feeding the poor, building homes and also creating awareness about the need for environmental conservation. A holistic approach to this cause, is what Sony puts into practice in various forms.

3. IBM

It will not be wrong to say that IBM is the champion of the “Go Green” campaign. Way back in early 70s, IBM started of their campaign in this regard. They have ensured that following eco friendly measures become a trend within the company, and the same can be advocated outside too. Between 1990 and 2000, this organization cut its electricity consumption by 5.1 billion kilowatt hours. The “smarter planet” initiative by this tech giant has been a huge success, which predominantly talks about a sustainable and greener life,on the whole.

4. Volkswagen

Makers of some of the finest cars, Volkswagen is also credited with creating the most fuel efficient, and eco friendly cars. Arguably, they are leaders in delivering some fine engineering when it come to cars that are a boon to our world. These eco friendly cars have high energy efficiency, which uses TDI clean diesel gas. Volkswagen also introduced “thinking blue”, a concept that extensively creates awareness about various efficient ways of conservation of fuel and living life more responsibly. http://thinkblue.volkswagen.com/com/en/start

5. BT Group

BT Group
One of the famous names of UK, British Telecom is yet another organization, that has vehemently vouched for a green and sustainable planet. This organization has taken up several campaigns that boosted the need for a eco friendly structure in our society. In the next couple of years, British Telecom aims to bring down the carbon emissions by 80%. This is tauted as a major step and will be example for many others to follow. BT also made huge investment in the field of wind farm technology and also changed its policies to make the work environment more eco friendly and green.

6. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson
Talk about tiny tots, and Johnson Johnson is one of the first name that strikes you ! This company has made its presence felt hugely in the baby product segment. But rarely people know that J&J is also one of the most socially responsible organizations of United States. It has time and again vouched for the need for a sustainable way of living and adopted several methods to bring it in practice. Most of its energy consumption is derived from solar, wind and biomass sources. J&J is the second largest organization to use solar energy in US.

7. Ikea

Ikea is a leading furniture manufacturing company. Apart from producing some luxurious and classy pieces of décor, this organization is also one of the pioneers of “Go Green” campaign. Ikea is credited to the have adopted sustainable use of teak and other forest products for the past many years. Ikea has also introduced sustainable forestry techniques that reduces the scare of deforestation to a large extent. It is also one of the first to adopt the use of energy efficient lighting in their retail outlets.

8. Nike

One of the finest brands, Nike has evolved quite literally over the years. Nike has taken up several issues regarding the conservation of our planet. It has introduced several measures to address issues that are of concern regarding our environment. Nike is said to adhere to strict measures related to carbon and chemical toxicity. It also has underground energy storage system that is used for their production and functioning.

9. Samsung

Samsung, one of the first companies to imbibe “go green” policy in their functioning. Samsung ensures that the products they used are recycled and the employees of the company adhere to all the policies that speak of making a greener and safer planet. Samsung encourages to give away the used materials and electronic goods back to store, and also materials that are toxic free in nature.