Go Hempest this Summer with the Eco-Friendly Hemp Clothing


There are so many connotations for the word Hemp. Hemp is an Eco-Friendly crop as it does not require the use of pesticides or little water but still it will renew the soil with every growth cycle. Hemp will help in retaining the topsoil and the long roots of the Hemp prevent soil erosion. Hemp is readily available in moderate temperature regions. Hemp is considered as a Miracle Fiber because of its wide range of advantages that are listed below :
1) Using Hemp is easy on the environment as it uses little water and does not make use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and the best thing about Hemp is that it is an easily available renewable resource.
2) Clothes made up of Hemp Fiber is light weight with near about thrice the tensile strength of cotton, absorbent and long lasting.
3) Hemp has minimal growth requirements and is less expensive to farm making it cost effective for manufacturing clothes.
4) Hemp Clothing is just perfect for outdoor wear as it is Mold Resistant and UV resistant.
5) Hemp Clothing is versatile as it is possible to blend it with other fibers for producing variant qualities of garments. You can easily find hemp silk or hemp cotton garments readily nowadays.

The cellulose fiber of the Hemp is used for manufacturing a wide range of clothes such as Shirts, Dresses, Jeans, Ropes, Canvas, Bags, Hats and a wide range of skin care products, several food and paper products, building materials. In the early 1920’s near about 8-% of clothes were manufactured from hemp textiles. During the production of Hemp nothing goes wasted for example the Stalk of the Hemp is used for Fiber, Seeds of the Hemp are used for producing various oil and food supplements. It is said that Hemp can be renewed twice thrice a year as it produces more fiber per acre than tress produce.

Producers in Europe make use of a cleaner biologically based enzyme technology for producing Hemp fabric whereas China which is the leading producer of Hemp Fabric utilizes various chemical methods for processing Hemp. Either of the method does not produce Hemp Fabric which is soft and white as cotton. Thus as a result of which Hemp Clothing is at all times blended with Cotton from an environmental prospective cotton however consumes far more resources than Hemp. In order to overcome this issues the NRC has developed a novel and innovative enzyme process which will convert the industrial Hemp Fiber into a white ad soft Canadian Cotton product of Hemp which is known as Crailar.


Nowadays Hemp is growing all over the world ad this plant is being harvested all over the World in Canada, Russia , China . In fact in US Hemp Farming is being encouraged legally and motivating people to purchase Hemp based products as they Supply will follow demand. With increasing demand and versatility of the Hemp, this crop is becoming more & more perceptible. So if you really want to protect the environment then go green by wearing Hemp Clothing.