Charge your Nokia Smartphone with Lightning – Isn’t it an Amazing Innovation to save Natural Resources?

Though most of us depend on various charging devices to charge the battery of the Smartphones the trend of Wireless Charging in the world of Smartphone’s seems to be developing at a rapid pace and in a recent experiment by the team at the University of Southampton in coagulation with Nokia it was observed that Nokia Lumia 925 could be charged in just few seconds with Thunderstorm. Doesn’t this seem a great way to conserve our natural resources?

Scientists charge Nokia phone with lightning

The experiment was carried out by passing an AC current that was driven by transformer at near about 200000 volts that was sent through the 300 millimeter gap giving both light and heat just similar to that of a lightning bolt. This signal was after that stepped to another controlling transformer which was capable of charging the Nokia Lumia 925. The team was surprised to see that the Nokia Circuitry was successful in stabilizing the noisy signal which helped in charging the battery of the Lumia 925.This experiment is really great innovation which has paved way for better understanding towards the natural power such as lightning and connecting its energy.

If you are planning to look for lightning charging station nearby so that you can charge your Smartphone then kindly do not as this project has lots more in store and the team is coming up with innovative and novel ideas so that they can produce a lightning charged Smartphone.