Five BPA Free Eco Friendly Baby Bottles with Great Kid-Cool Designs

Eco Friendly Baby Bottles

Regardless of the fact that you breastfeed or use formula or mix the two you will definitely need baby bottles at some point of time or the other during parenting adventures and it would be difficult for you to choose the right kind of baby bottle that has all the options . You would be interested in the baby bottles that are environment friendly and are safe for your baby. Baby bottles that are made up of BPA are not at all safe for children and can cause severe health issues. So we have collected the list of top five eco friendly baby bottles that are BPA free :

Green to Grow Baby Bottles

Green to Grow Baby Bottles
These bottles are made from phthalate free plastic and are BPA free. Not only this Green to Grow packages its baby bottles in 100 percent recycled paper. One percent of the revenue they generate by selling these products is donated for environmental causes. You are definitely going to love these baby bottles for your kid as they are safe and have a pretty cute fruit on the front.

SIGG Baby Bottles

SIGG Baby Bottles

These baby bottles are made from single sheet of aluminum which is highly durable and are available in three sizes with so many kid cool designs.

Mimjumi’s Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Mimjumi Baby Bottles

These very hugry baby bottles are not just BPA free but are as well designed to mimic the breast thus makig them more tempting for all the first time baby bottles drinkers and avoiding nipple confusion.


WEE GO Eco Friendly Baby Bottles

Glass can break if you drop but is a very inert material. Wee Go resolves this problem through shock absorbing silicone sleeves which hug the glass bottles within.

Born Free Eco Friendly Baby Bottles

Born Free Baby Bottles
Born Free has one of the greatest BPA free inventories it provides 5 and 9 ounce BPA Free Glass and Plastic Bottles with Sippy Cups.