Five Eco Friendly Organic Shampoos for Soft and Shiny Hair

Consumers nowadays have become more socially responsible than they were in the earlier days.  Regardless of the fact that it is because of the energy  or gas crisis  or the hole in the ozone layer that is acting as a catalyst  and this is the reason why people are nowadays more interested in eco friendly products. In the modern era  unlike the purely functional farm grown products of the olden days the modern day green products have to be earth friendly and as well like the In mainstream products.

Eco Friendly Organic Shamposs

In the olden days the organic shampoos that were produced did not give the same results as that of the usual on-the-shelf shampoos in the famous stores. However with advent in technology one can make use of the natural grooming products and continue to enjoy the charm of moist , shiny and soft hair. The real challenge nowadays is to find the best organic and eco friendly shampoo.

Shampoos are among one of the worst crooks when it comes to synthetics and toxins. Almost all the high street brands of Shampoos contain a chemical named Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is though out to be a great cleaner for hair and skin. However the usage of this chemical in high concentrations can actually inflame your skin , dry out your scalp and cause allergies. Thus it is at all times suggested that you can make use of eco friendly shampoos which are both safe for the hair and for the environment. All the eco friendly shampoos are free from surfactant , parabens and pollutants  but which eco friendly shampoo is the best  is the confusion amongst most of the people who want to try organic shampoos.

Here in this post we have collected the best five eco friendly shampoos for shiny hair :

Acure Eco Friendly Organic Shampoos

Shampoos produced by Acure are 100% color free , sulfate free  and cruelty free.

Acure Eco Friendly Shampoo


Aubrey Eco Friendly Shampoo

The sweet smell of this shampoo will lead to the success of your hair giving it ultra softness & manageability. If you have curly hair or highlighted or bleached hair then this is the best eco friendly shampoo for you.

Aubrey Eco Friendly Shampoo


Hugo’s  Naturals

This shampoos is very light and has a lovely smell whilst helping you cleanse the scalp and hair devoid of having to strip away any natural moisture.

Hugo Natural Eco Friendly Organic Shampoo


John Masters Organic Shampoo

John Masters Organics Shampoo’s do not have lot of foam in action however the lightweight feel, the sweet scent & the quality natural ingredients make it the best product for soft and shiny hair.

John Masters Organic Shampoo


Dessert Essence Organic Shampoos

If you are looking for the conventional shampoo features i.e. clarity, lather and fragrance the Dessert Essence  has different flavors to suit all hair types and all these are  free from toxic chemicals.

Dessert Essence Organic Shampoos