Five Trendy, Cool and Fashionable Eco Friendly iPhone Cases

You need to know that it is extremely important to protect your belongings in particular sensitive tech gadgets such as the Computers , Laptops and Smartphones. If you own iPhone then to honor our Mother Earth you must take one step towards making your iPhone a little easier on the planet earth by decorating it with some eco friendly gear. You will find several iPhones cases offline and as well online on various stores but you need to know that most of them are made up of petroleum products which are not sustainable materials. If you want to be connected and eco friendly we have a collection of the top five eco friendly iPhone Cases which are made up of sustainable bamboo , recycled books, biodegradable plastics and other sustainable materials which will have less impact on the surroundings.

Eco Friendly iPhone Cases
The manufacturers of these iPhone Cases have not merely concentrated on making these iPhone Cases environmentally savvy but are fashionable as well. These eco friendly iPhone cases will go well with all styles, that include everything right from bold graphics to modest natural materials. If you want to know more about the iPhone cases listed here then simple click on the picture to know the details about the case and from where you can purchase it.

Bursa iPhone Eco Friendly Pouch or Case

Bursa iPhone Eco Friendly Pouch

This iPhone Case is made up of a sustainable material namely cork which is highly durable and comes with a price tag of 8 dollars.

True Bamboo iPhone Case

True Bamboo iPhone Case

This eco friendly iPhone case is made up of Bamboo and is durable , light weight and gives a stunning look to your iPhone whilst protecting it. This beautiful iPhone Case comes with a prices of 24.95$.

Re-Case from Miniwiz

Re-Case from Miniwiz

These iPhone cases are made from the recycled byproducts of rice farming especially the post consumer plastics and rice husks and is available at a price tag of 29.95 dollars. This product is considered to be 100% Trash.

Innovez iPhone 5 Case

Eco Friendly Innovez iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone 5 Case is made up of Eco Pure which is a kind of plastic that biodegrades much faster than the normal plastics and comes with a price tag f 25 dollars. If you are looking for a protective and secure iPhone case for your Smartphone then Innovez must be your choice when it comes to earth friendly cases.

Bioserie Eco Friendly iPhone Cases

Bioserie Eco Friendly iPhone Case

If you are looking for cute earth friendly iPhone cases then Bioserie Eco Friendly iPhone Cases are an ideal choice as they are made up of bioplastics which are made from Biomass so the plastic used in these iPhone cases is plant based and not petroleum based that is clean and green . You can get all this at a mere price tag of 29.95 dollars.