Best Five Cool and Creative Eco Friendly Advertisements

We all are aware of the fact that Strong Advertisement is a great way to send in the message to the spectators. Apart from that if your advertisements are attractive enough then they can actually act as a great inspiration to others in  a very useful way. To people who view it they are just advertisements but we need to understand that the companies put in lots of effort  so as to make their advertisements remarkable, unique and successful so as to grab the attention of the viewers and convey the desired message they want to promote their services and products.

Eco Friendly Ad Detergent Henko

With increasing awareness among the big brands about environment friendliness , eco friendly advertising is drastically increasing with the effort to invite novel generations of eco savvy customers. Billboards are one of the most common means of advertisement which provide the advertising solutions a huge space with widespread visibility. Giant organizations are making the most of these  Billboards in creative and thoughtful ways. You can now observe that all the wind powered displays , Lush Gardens , Solar Powered displays  and other living signs have now transformed from the hateful ad clutters to inspirational and attention grabbing eco statements. In this compilation we present you the best five eco friendly advertisements that are interesting, creative and entertaining for all the readers:

Mc Donald’s Fresh Salad Billboard

The Billboard by Mc Donald’s in Chicago is surprising in which Mc D is trying to promote their healthy menu and various salads by portraying the growth of a lettuce garden on the bill board. Watch out the below video for the eco friendly ad space in action :


Tropicana’s Orange Billboard

Tropicana has conveyed their message of Natural Energy in a very smart and unblemished manner through their bus Billboard Campaign in which they filled that way of the morning grind travelers with scores of oranges together with zinc and copper spikes so as to harness the electrochemical inside this citrus fruit which will in turn generate electricity and light up the ad.

Tropicana Orange Billboard Eco Friendly Ad

Coca Cola Ecological Advertisement

Coca Cola one of the giant beverage company has taken a step further not just by reducing the environmental impact of their advertisements but as well by creating eco friendly advertisements which will actually help planet earth as in whole. A giant billboard unveiled by Coca Cola is made up of Fukien plans that absorb all the air pollutants in the atmosphere. Apart from this the advertisement makes use of recyclable materials. With Pepsi all set to switch their bottles made from complete recyclable  plant waste ,coca cola seems to be having great pressure on the aspects of speeding up the green game.

Coca Cola Ecological Ad

Apple iPhone Eco-Friendly

Another creative and attention grabber advertisement in the Smartphone technology is the Apple  iPhone Eco Friendly Ad which conveys the message “You Touch, You Save”.

Apple iPhone Eco-Friendly

Recyclable Coffins Ad by Eco Funerals

This a innovative ad for eco funerals with a coffin shape cut out.

Recyclable Coffins Ad by Eco Funerals

Hope this post has helped in creating awareness about keeping the environment safe, secure , clean and fresh.