Five Eco Friendly Toys that will Make Your Kids Have a Fun-Tastic Time

Natural Toys or Green Toys or Eco Friendly Toys are the ones that are earth friendly,  child  friendly and parent friendly. Eco friendly toys are made up  of traditional materials which cause less harm to the mother earth. You cannot precisely define eco friendly toys however  you need to make sure that the green toys that you purchase for your kids should be made up of recyclable substances m sustainable sources and renewable woods.

Green Toys Benefits


All the eco friendly toys have something good in store for the environment such as being biodegradable, being made from pure natural or sustained products. Regardless of the fact that you are searching for life like food for your little princess’s kitchen or fun bath toys for your little kiddo you can be assured that Eco Friendly Toys are a perfect choice. It is obvious that finding the right kind of eco friendly toys for your kid is a little daunting task in particular if you are looking for green toys that are just apt to be played at the beach or at the pool.

Manufacturing of Eco Friendly Toys

Nevertheless there are so many wonderful brands that manufacture non-toxic , sustainable an fun-tastic green toys for kids of all ages. Here is a list of top five eco friendly toys that your children will love to play with  :

Bathtub Balls  by Begin Again

Bathtub Balls Green Toys

These balls are manufactured with the use of natural rubber and are 100% dishwasher safe. You can use this bathtub balls for kids in the age group of 3 and above and are ideal for both pool side playing and beach.

Green Ring Teether by Begin Again

Green Ring Teether Eco Friendly Toys

This is a eco friendly wooden Teether for kids of all ages and is made up of Green Dot that is a cornstarch bioproduct which is 100% compostable .

Blocks by Green Toys

Green Toys Blocks

Your children are definitely going to fall in love with these blocks and their varying shapes for building towers , imaginative structures , constructing castles and lots more any architect can dream of. These blocks by Green Toys are completely safe as there is no PVC , BPA or any other external coatings. So if you want real good green fun for your child then green toys should be your choice.

Cookware Set by Green Toys

Green Toys Cookware Set

This stupendous cookware set is made up of  100% recycled milk containers that are completely safe for the mother earth and for your kids as they do not contain any phthalates and BPA.

Eco Friendly Flower Ring Rattle by Wonderworld

Eco Friendly Flower RIng Rattle

This flower ring rattle will make sound when it is shaken and the flower petals of this rattle will excite the touch, sight and sound senses of our little kiddo. The best thing about this rattle is that they make use of only water based paint for all their wooden toys so as to cut down on the exposure to the chemicals and minimize the waste that is released into the surroundings.