Five Eco Friendly Luxury Cars that Will Drive You Crazy

The increased gas prices, the wars in Iraq and several other related issues with regards to Global Warming are creating interest and urge in the Car manufacturers to manufacture automobile with alternative power trains such as clean diesels , gasoline electric hybrids , ethanol and in the near future their motive is to develop cars that will use fuel cells that run on Hydrogen.

If you love to drive luxury cars that are eco friendly then one thing for sure is that you should not expect much when you visit the showroom to buy one for the reason that there are comparatively very few eco friendly luxury brand cars. Nevertheless when planning to buy eco friendly luxury cars it is at all times suggested that you do your complete homework . Here is a list of the five best Eco Friendly Luxury Cars that might interest you :


LEXUS LS 600H L Eco Friendly Luxury Car

If you are looking for a new luxury car that saves on gas and is not a tasteless econobox then the LEXUS LS 600H L with an initial price tag of 119,910 dollars might be your take. This luxury car is 5 inches longer than the standard LS thus rendering more space for people to stretch out. This car is fun to drive with fuel economy of 19 mpg city and 23mpg on highways.


2013 PORSCHE CAYENNE DIESEL Eco Friendly Luxury Car

PORSCHE CAYENNE DIESEL with a price tag of 56600 dollars is just ideal to be pulled because of its luxurious interior that makes a great road trip SUV. The torque and power driven by the diesel engine of this car add beauty to it so now you can get rid of the loud engine noise and black smoke as diesel nowadays is more than enough to meet the exacting standards of the Stuttgart’s finest.

JAGUAR XF 2.0L Eco Friendly Luxury Car

2013 JAGUAR XF 2.0L Eco Friendly Luxury Car

JAGUAR XF 2.0L has British performance and luxury devoid of a resource squandering V-8 Engine. The sexy and sinuous design of the sedan with a price tag of 46975 dollars makes it a perfect road trip sedan with a 30 mpg mileage on highways and 19 mpg in city limits.

TESLA MODEL S Eco Friendly Luxury Car

TESLA MODEL S Eco Friendly Luxury Car

The Tesla Model S priced in the range of 63750 dollars along with a federal tax credit of 7500 dollars is a damn fine produced electric luxury car. The best thing about this luxury car is that you will not have to worry about range anxiety as there are Tesla supercharger stations installed on the way so that one can top up extra 200 miles range in near about 30 minutes.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis Eco Friendly Luxury Car

This luxury car is a flawless blend of gorgeous style and mind blowing performance. The novel VVT-I engine & the super CVT-I along with a  seven speed sequential shiftmatic will enthrall the drivers. This car leads all the new concepts and technologies and ranks first among the world’s best selling eco friendly luxury cars.