Thin and Flexible Glass – An Efficient Renewable Energy Storage

Research conducted at the Penn State University discovered a novel thin glass can store energy for Wind Turbines and Electric Cars. The researchers have told that this thin glass can actually at a great energy source in future so that the Electric Vehicles will become more reliable and economical. So we can gear up ourselves now for a great renewable energy storage in the form of a Glass.

The researchers at Penn State have further told that though use of a Thin and Flexible Glass for displays is  a commonly and commercially used technology however regardless of how thin  the glass is at least 1/10th of the thickness of the display glass can be customized for storing energy at huge temperatures so that it can be used for powering huge applications such as Wind Turbine Generators, Geo Thermal Drilling and Exploration , Grid Tied Photo Voltaic ,Electric Vehicle Power Electronics , Aerospace.

Thin, flexible glass could store energy for electric cars, wind turbines

During the research they have tested for different alkali free glass thicknesses and compositions by comparing the density with various commercial polymer capacitors which are generally used in all the electric automobiles for  converting the energy from the Battery to the Electric Motors. All through the research it was found out that a ten micron thick glass can be charged or discharged at an efficiency of 180 degrees Celsius.

After this research they partnered with the Strategic Polymer sciences and developed thin glass sheers with the use of  roll to roll process and is easy on the pocket. After this the glass sheets are coated with  high temperature polymers so as to increase the energy solidity by 2.25 times to make them competent enough for self healing. In future this Thin Glass can actually seem to be a great source of energy for long lasting and affordable electric vehicles.

Thin Glass as an Energy Storage