Personify your Nails with Five Top Notch Non Toxic and Vibrant Eco Friendly Nail Polishes

There are so many young girls and hot chicks around the who make use of several personal care products and cosmetics to draw attention to their beauty , compliment their outfit or just for fun. You would be tremendously surprised to know that the these cosmetic products have a bad affect on our own health and as well as hamper the health of the surroundings. One of the master of these culprits in the cosmetics category is the Nail Polish.

It is beyond belief to understand that how a girl gets stuck in some habits of applying something to her body that has really smells so bad as Nail Polish. Apart from the fact that Nail Polish smells toxic it is as well at times very difficult to get rid of the stains on your nails after removing the nail polish. If you generally notice a Nail Polish bottle you will observe that there is a Flammable Symbol on the side however people generally tend to ignore these warning signs regardless of the fact that they know that there is something wrong with the product.

Eco Friendly Nail Polishes

Wondering what is the problem with Nail Polish ?

The bad odour from the Nail Polish is because of the presence of various toxins, solvents and alcohol that ensure that the Nail Polish sticks to the nails and give your nails a shiny look. The ingredients in Nail Polish should eb avoided for the reason that they are highly dangerous for the human health especially Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde have been regarded as the Toxic Trio.

Not only this apart from your own health you got to consider the health of the environment also it should not poison the Earth or Human Beings or any other Living Species on Earth. For instance just consider what will happen to the Nail Polish once it is removed it obviously is deposited on the Cotton which is dumped off in the garbage and adds to the Landfill on Earth. Not only this the bottles in which the Nail Polish comes cannot be recycled for the reason that any traces of Nail Polish are considered highly dangerous to the Human Health however the authorities suggest that the Nail Polish Bottles should be sent to the Hazardous Waste Facilities unless and until anybody who sorts the Garbage takes the responsibility of these bottles and they also end up contributing to the Landfill every year. It just does not end here the Nail Polish before being sold out in the Market is rigorously tested on animals which infuriates great pain in them and as well leads to the death of it.

Thus make sure that before you buy any Nail Polish from the Market all the constituents of the Nail Polish are clearly mentioned on the Label and it is your responsibility to read the label and find out for the presence of the “Toxic Trio”. Nowadays there are so many Eco Friendly Nail Polishes available in the market for you to beautify your nails of which the best five are here :

HoneyBee Gardens

Honey Bee Gardens Eco Friendly Nail Polish

Honeybee Gardens manufactures water based Nail Polishes that are not only free from the Toxic Trio but as well do not contain any kind of chemical odor that is generally there in almost all the Nail Polishes.


Priti NYC

Print NYC Eco Friendly Nail Polish

These are Soy Based Nail Polished available in more than 100 shades with a Soy Based Nail Polish Remover and are certified as Eco Friendly.


Butter London

Butter London Eco Friendly Nail Polish

Butter London has been successful in eliminating all the toxins and chemical from the Nail Polishes and are available in a wide variety of vibrant and rich colors that will appeal your eyes.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Polish

The nail polished by OCC are Toxic Trio free, long lasting ,  thickly pigmented and dry up so quickly.

Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals Eco Friendly Nail Polish

Fantastic collection of water based nail polishes that are not just free from the Toxic Trio but do not contain any other kind of chemicals or solvents which can have an impact on the general health of your nails.