Are driverless cars going to have an impact on reshaping the major cities ?

Driverless Cars will make it easy for people to travel at a very economical cost to any locations not only for the reason that people can engage themselves in various other activities while traveling but as well they are going to reduce the time that is required for travelling. These driverless cars will follow optimal routes based on the traffic conditions at that moment of time unlike the human drivers.

Driverless Cars

Google is the patent and prominent developer of autonomous vehicles however it is not alone in achieving this venture. Almost all the famous automakers are competing  gradually with Google to introduce their own branded driverless cars to the public in a systematic manner. A simple initiative to this is that the components of Driverless cars and elaborate mechanisms such as  Automated Collision Avoidance Systems,  Self Parking features are being introduced into the latest car models .

How will the driverless car affect the design of our cities

Driverless Cars are somehow or the other going to affect the Urban Form in various ways as listed below :

  • With the advent of Driverless cars the urban cities are expected to expand again. Efficient and Faster transportation is likely to convert all the locations that are too remote for all the users into viable alternatives , abundant with space. Just similar to the suburban rail in the 20th century & the  bunch of consumer automobiles that followed driverless cars  are likely produce a steady but theatrical expansion of cities.
  •  With the advent of Driverless cars the Parking’s and Buildings will be detached and help in  freeing up spacious land. The concept here is that once after the passengers are dropped off from the driverless cars they will autonomously look for parking or for the subsequent car share customer and will turn up for the next return ride just by mere tap of an app. As soon as the Driverless cars gain importance and become common then the requisite for adjacent parking is going to diminish and the parking space in areas where land is more than valuable and is expected to mature for conversion to other land use purposes. Thus with parking in high valued regions being purged or thinned out altogether the micro structure of the developing cities is definitely going to change in a drastic manner.