Men can Save Water by Washing Their Hands in the Urinal Sink

Will you actually be interested in washing your hands in a URINAL? Sounds strange but yeah this is a novel green initiative towards saving water.

Finally, A Urinal You Can Wash Your Hands In

In accordance with a research conducted at Michigan State University the stats showed that there are near about fifteen percent of men who don’t wash their hands when compared to seven percent of women .Apart from this it was as well revealed that only 50% of men make use of soap for washing hands compared with 78% of women.

It’s strange to know the fact that the great comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested in 1964 for having done the act of Scandalous Monologue with regards to pissing the sink and now these is an innovation by the great designer Kaspar Jursons who have developed a sink that is a combination of the urine with a sink on top of it so that when you are done with urinating you can actually wash your hands at the same place and the grey water that will come from the sink will clean the urinal.

Men Wash your hands in the urinal

You will commonly find several toilets in almost all parts of the world which have sinks built into the tank but you will not find urinals with sinks. With changing green trends the motto is to have waterless urinals. Most of the men generally do not care to wash their hands after they pee however if they notice that the sink is staring at them in the face and they are aware of the fact that they are flushing the urine at the same time then would rather be interested to do so.

Urinal Sink

This crazy urinal sink is in production in Europe and is expected to be sold with a price tag of 600 dollars. Despite the fact that this is not the first toilet sink hybrid that has been made but the out of the ordinary of this toilet sink is that it is eco friendly  for the reason that the gray water residue which is left after you wash your hands will be sent back to the urinal for cleaning purpose. So it is claimed to be an amazing toilet sink hybrid that saves Water, Space and Time.

Urine Sink