FishPi Prototype –The Autonomous Ocean Explorer

The FishPi project is all set to come up with a novel prototype of ocean going surface vehicle after near about putting a years effort on a proof of concept vehicle. This FishPi prototype will be solar powered and will be controlled with the help of a Raspberry Pi Unit. The intent of the FishPi project is design and develop a small boat which will be impelled across the Atlantic Ocean with Solar Energy that will click pictures and consolidate date through the journey.

FishPi A solar-powered, Raspberry Pi controlled, autonomous ocean explorer

This prototype will use a set of Raspberry Pi units to control and command various features such as navigation, controlling other devices, logging data and power management.  There will be an onboard solar panel that will be used for charging the Lithium Io Battery packs which will be responsible for driving a Ducted propeller system. There will be a integration of the ship to shore communication system which will operate via the satellite and will be responsible for sending images from the FishPi prototype  to the team via a Amateur Radio Satellite Network. Various environmental and data gathering functions of the FishPi prototype consists of  Barometric Monitoring , temperature readings of sea and air, pH measurements , salinity , light levels and lots more  and if required images or data would also be relayed in reality.


FishPi would be used as an educational platform, a research station or something that one should geek out for. The main aim for developing this prototype is to have a full fledged kit for students, enthusiasts and professionals for testing an autonomous vehicle.

FishPi- An Autonomous Drop in the Ocean