Pop Up Mini-Farmery Shop- A Mini Mobile Garden for your Needs

The most innovative and sustainable agriculture project by Ben Greene’s  popularly known as The Farmery includes growing and selling various food items in the same place by making use of various shipping containers and greenhouse components. This project can be termed as a radical vision of what one can expect from grocery stores and farms.  Greene has come up with a second Mini Farmery at the Burt’s Bees Headquarters in North California in the city of Downtown Durham.

Mini-Farmery at the Burt's Bees headquarters in Downtown Durham North Carolina

Mini Farmery is a twenty foot shipping container that is converted in the form of a  farm and a pop up shop with the main intent to create a first of its kind experience in purchasing and growing food at the same place so as to portray the Farmery’s Retail Concept completely.

The Farmery opens mini mobile garden

The Mini Farmery is covered with livings walls except for the doors and windows. There is a green roof on top of the Mini Farmery where one can plant sweet potatoes tomatoes and flowers. There are panels inside the container where you can plant crops and the other side of it has shelving so that one can sell the produce that is grown in the farmer. Once the panels have accomplished growing the crops they will be flipped around so as to make sure that the customers can harvest crops.

Mini Farmery

Again after the crops are harvested the panels will be flipped back to continue the production and sell it on the other end. The panels have reservoirs at the bottom in which watercress is grown which will be helpful for the customers to harvest. Mushrooms are as well grown in a converted to provide the customers with privilege to pick them as they are on the verge of growing. Ben is putting all his efforts to expand this project and we can soon expect to see a full sized Farmery near our city.

The Farmery