Get your own Healthy Green Building In New York From 15 Million Dollars to 50 Million Dollars

The Eco Mantra nowadays is to have a house that is healthy , energy saving and filled with greenery all over. A real estate firm named Delos  in New York is constructing a healthy living which was recently stated in the New York Times. The builders have promised for the most extreme level of sound proofing technology and purest form of water and air. This green home will have filters that will filter out all the air pollutants , toxins  and allergens , have a circadian lightning system that will stream revitalizing light in the early hours of the day, water purification system and Melatonin Enhancing light in the dusk hours of the day. Apart from this the green home has a WELL shield coating  and a posture supporting flooring system that will destroy all the bacteria in the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Your own healthy green loft, only $45 Million

This green home is designed and constructed in a simple manner that follow comprehensive performance based Well Building Standards which aim at protecting human health. This green home is said to be a highly structured and sophisticated  dealing with Comfort, Light, Air, Water, Fitness, Nourishment and Mind. This green building has 5 units of which the least priced starts at 15.5 Million Dollars and goes to a maximum of 50 Million Dollars for the pent house which seems to be a sky rocketing price but as we say that with Money comes Quality and after all it is in the New York City and hence expected to cost so.

Healthy Green Loft

One of the real estate agent Dolly Lenz adds to this Green Building Construction by considering the Trickle Down Theory  wherein she states that  these kinds of Green Buildings will initially be popular and famous among the wealthy people but there soon will be a time when this green building technology will reach down to people under all levels.



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