Crowdsource Health and Environment Data with AirCasting App via your Smartphone

AirCasting is a platform for mapping, recording and sharing environmental and health data with the use of Smartphone. With the use of each AirCasting session you will be able to capture all the real world measurements , add footnotes to the data to tell your story and share it through the Crowd Map. There are several things that you can do with the use of this Air Casting Android Application :

  • You can record , map and share the humidity , temperature , CO ( Carbon Monoxide ) and NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) gas concentrations with the use  of Arduino Powered AirCasting Air Monitor in the local surroundings.
  •  You can record , map and share the sound levels recorded through the Microphone of the Smartphone.
  • You can record the Heart Rate Measurements with the use of Zephyr HxM
  • Through this App you can as well record , map and share the Heart Rate Variability, Heart Rate , R to R Breathing Rate , Peak Acceleration , Activity Level  and Core Temperature Measurements recorded by Zephyr BioHarness 3.


AirCasting crowdsources health and environmental data via smartphone

The Air Monitor makes use of a Bluetooth Connection for transmitting the air quality data to the application which will after that upload it for being graphed and mapped. You can build on the crowd sourced maps that are already submitted to the AirCasting App.  Apart from this  one can measure the Breathe Rate and Heart Rate patterns by connecting a  Zephyr HxMor Zephyr BioHarness 3 and have a check on their activity level , their exposure to air and noise pollution and the physical noise.

AirCasting crowdsources health and environmental data via smartphone

Users can as well show off the streams of data through the sensors by constructing their individual luminescent clothing with LED lights and connect it to the AirCasting App so that it will respond by changing different colors that will range from the low intensity measurements (green) to the high intensity measurements (red).