Revolutionize the Way you Travel for Work , Play and Adventure with the Paravelo First Flying Bicycle

If you have ever imagined or thought of owning a flying bicycle then soon you can turn your imagination into reality.  If you have not thought so then also no issues there are a few innovative inventors  in UK who have thought about the same and the proposal for the World’s First Flying Bicycle is in the Crowd Funding Stage through Kick Starter. The inventors are currently trying to get some help and kick start their dream of introducing the Paravelo to the Public soon.

Paravelo Worlds First flying bicycle not just pie in the sky

In accordance with the London based company Xplore Air , this is going to be the World’s First Flying Bicycle which will be capable of reaching height of up to 4000 feet. This novel innovation is a combination of the conventional bicycle and a Para Wing. You can simply have a look at the image of this bicycle below that the hub and heart of this bicycle design is a light weight towed trailer that holds a powerful fan. So to fly with this bicycle the user has to connect the bike with the trailer and then open up a flexible wing by firing up the electric starter motor which will in turn start the bio-fuel powered fan. The theory behind thee take off of this flying bicycle is pretty simple you need to find some open space , rev this sucker to near about fifteen miles per hour speed and you reach the sky by hitting a high air speed of twenty five miles per hour.

Worlds First Flying Bicycle

The best thing about the Paravelo is that it has an optional tent so that if you land up somewhere in the outback then you can use this tent to camp it up . This ultra light flying aircraft bicycle has the capacity to fly for near about three hours. This bicycle is easily portable and when you are not using it you can fold the bicycle and tent and keep it inside your office or house without much hassle and need for extra space.

Paravelo flying bicycle not just pie in the sky

Xplore Air adds to the innovation of this Bicycle by stating that they have spent near about 2 years in developing this high end prototype which has been tested effectively on the ground and as well on the air. This project now needs funding from individuals so that they can finalize the design of the Paravelo. If you ultimately choose to buy the World’s First Flying Bicycle  you can be assured  that the running expenses for this can be compared to that of a small family car. One of the great use this Flying Bicycle can be put to is in highly cost effective and autonomous aerial reconnaissance vehicle for border patrols and forest rangers. One other possible avenue the start up sees the Paravelo being used for is in applications such as “a highly autonomous and cost-effective aerial reconnaissance vehicle for forest rangers and border patrols.”