Motion Detection & Water Sensing Made Easy with the Wimoto Wireless Sensor System

There have been several technological advancements and innovations when it comes to Remote Sensors, Connected Devices and the Smarter Homes nowadays. After all these are needed for having a subjective surveillance regarding the environment and one more thing is that you have to look at the date and analyze if actually it is hotter than the normal standard climate and if it is hooter than the usual temperature you need to know how much exactly hot it is. It is the trend of the Wireless Sensor Systems which make it easy to get started with when you want to integrate this technology into the lives with so many increasing options.

Wimoto Wireless Sensor Systems

Wimoto Remote Wireless Sensors have the best Wireless Sensor Technology available with many options. These sensors have thrice the battery life of the sensors which makes them a good choice when it comes to Remote Monitoring of the Office, Garden or House. Wimoto has recently launched a Water mote Wireless Sensor that is capable of detecting  the presence of water and as well has the tendency to determine the water level thus proving it to be extremely handy for alerting the users about any kind of flooded basements or any other spaces , or if the water level is low in pools, ponds people can be notified or you can as well get to know how much water is remaining in the rain barrel or swamp cooler reservoir or the cistern.

Wimoto wireless sensor system now offers motion detection and water sensing

Wimoto has as well come up with Securimote which consists of an infrared sensor and a accelerometer which can be configured for being used as a security alert for monitoring a window or door. You can as well set it to generate an alert when your mails drop in the mailbox or as well configure it to keep an eye on whether your children are still in bed or not if not then an alert would be triggered.

Tiny Wimoto Sensors

Just like all the other Wimoto Sensors you can connect them with Bluetooth SMART Technology to either an iPad , Smartphone or a Tablet that runs on iOS or Android so that they will send push alerts directly to the application devoid of using a cell signal or a wireless signal and ensure that data is sent to the cloud for storage for analysis alter. There Motes are now available on sale with a price tag of 39$ each or can buy them in a multipack of 5 which will cost you 149$ that is near about 10$ discounted price than the actual retail prices. It is expected that after September 1st these will be available on Amazon with a  price tag of 49$ each.