Great Barrier Reef to be Patrolled by Solar Powered Boat Early Next Year

One of the most valuable environment areas is the Great Barrier Reef which has a huge expanse of near about 2900 individuals reefs along with 900 islands that stretch over 2600 KM.  Patrolling this Great Barrier Reef seems to be a tough and complicated task for the GBRMPA i.e. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the DNPRSR i.e. Queensland’s Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing and it  adds on to the complexity levels when it needs to be done in an eco friendly manner. Thus there are 2 agencies which have joined hands with them to help them accomplish this with the help of Solar Power.

Solar Powered Boat


MEC i.e. Marine Engineering Consultants and Incat Crowther will work collectively to build a 24m (78.7 Feet) Long Range Catamaran Patrol Vessel that will work with the GBRWHA i.e. Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. The Catamaran Boat will be an eco friendly initiative with sporting extensive solar panels that will have a high R value insulation , window blinds and shutters for reducing the effect on the Queensland Sun , Zoned Air Conditioning and several other environmentally friendly features.


Solar-powered boat to patrol Great Barrier Reef

The solar energy that will be collected by the solar panels of the boat will be given to the Li Ion Batteries which will cause a reduction in the usage of diesel generators while in operation and as well during anchoring at night. These lithium ion batteries will be charged with the use of solar power during day time  and this battery bank will automatically supply owner for all the house loads along with air conditioning. In case there is a need for extra power then the diesel generators will start up automatically. These generators will function based on the load case and they will either charge the batteries or supply direct power. Several long term costs and other factors were taken into consideration with the decision of combining the conventional diesels with supplementary solar panels for effective hull form. The catamaran is all set to be launched by early next year.

Solar Powered Patrol Vessel LAunch