Simple, Affordable , Membrane Free Desalination Technique Invented with a New Water Chip

There has been a recent breakthrough in the Desalination Technology wherein now it is possible to create freshwater from seawater with just a small electrical field which is pretty less energy than the usual conventional methods that is invented by the experts at the University of Marburg in Germany and University of Texas at Austin.

As we all are aware of the fact that the demand for fresh water is increasing at a rapid pace and everybody is trying to cope up with peak water which is among one of the strategies being implemented to work towards making the process of Desalination extra efficient , economical and less energy intense. It would actually make a great difference amongst life and death in very part of the world if there is an effective, simple and affordable technology for converting Briny Water or Sea Water into clean water. There are several Desalination methods that can be used however implementing these method requires lot of energy and huge investment. Thus with regions which have excess amount of seawater devoid of having the need for energy infrastructure and funds for building desalination plants various novel Desalination methods are being invented. There is a promising and innovative technology for Desalination developed by the exerts at the University of Marburg in Germany and University of Texas at Austin which makes use of portable, simple and low energy devices.

New “water chip” promises simple, portable, membrane-free water desalination

It has been observed that there are several deaths caused due to the lack of fresh and clean water and to cope up these deaths due to lack of clean and fresh drinking water this breakthrough technology for desalination makes use of a Water Chip and just a little amount of electrical field for separating salts from seawater. The process of desalination through this novel technology is just pretty simple a small voltage on near about three volts is applied to the plastic chip which is completely filled with Seawater and the chip will contain a Micro channel along with 2 branches. So through the junction of this micro channel the electrodes will neutralize the chloride ions in the seawater resulting in the creation of a Ion Depletion Zone which in turn will increase the local electric field when compared to the rest of the channel. This minute change in the electric field is just more than enough for redirecting the salts from the seawater into the branch and letting the desalinated water pass through the other end.


Despite the fact that this novel technology for Desalination is capable of removing only 25% of the salts form sea water it has been further researched that it is possible to achieve 99% removal rate of salts so as to produce clean drinking water. The team working on this technology is confident enough that through this process it would be possible for the households to have their own affordable personal desalination units.