Getting Rid of Plastic Foam Insulation- The Upcoming Big Trend in Green Building

If you have ever held a Styrofoam Cup in your Hand for sipping the hot coffee inside it you will defiantly eb aware of the fact that Plastic Foam is really a good insulator. Plastic Foam is light weight ,  strong, comparatively cheap and unreceptive to moisture. If you consider all these aspects in favor of Plastic Foam the you will definitely realize the fact that it is difficult to find an alternative , high performance building which does not include Foam Insulation as the key ingredient of its assembly. Nevertheless over the last decade a darker side of the Plastic Foam has come up such as its huge Global Warming Impact on the Stratosphere , it is overloaded with Toxic Flame Retardants ,pollution manufacturing process, highly inflammable chemical additives and lots more other serious concerns to the environment.

Plastic Foam Insualtion Process

When a person complains about the use of Plastic Foam Insulation in building we generally think as though the person is Nuts for the reason that the people are of the thought that it has a great insulating value , it is cheap and effective and what not. We are in a modern era where we are trying to cut the usage of Fossil Fuels , Insulate to ensure that our buildings can be sealed in a better manner and thus it is pretty difficult to give up on such a useful tool. Nevertheless now all the architects are taking the health issue seriously and trying to find out alternatives.

Plastic Foam Insualtion

The Health Care Specialist at Tristan has that told that they are working on a Project which will consider all these alternatives to Plastic Foam Insulation targeting Net Zero Energy however this is a nice project but has tight budget. She also adds saying that this is not contributing to LEED Platinum that is another important goal that most of the green building projects have rather it is an issue that is external to the Energy and LEED which conflicts with Energy. Tristan has concluded that this initiative is among one the most excellent , creative and environmentally innovative stage of development in the architecture industry. This is a great change that is happening in the green building for creating awareness on the aspect that there is more to building than merely saving energy as Health and Safety Matter too.