Master the Art of Relaxation with the little Chill Pill PIP Wireless Biosensor

In this world of advancement in all the fields everybody is so pressurized to do their tasks and they want to work harder and have more in life to climb u the success ladder. The most common side effect that people experience when they have to commit to all these hectic scheduled tasks at a fast pace is Stress. Stressful life is either healthy nor does it add Fun to life. You can slough off some tension via physical activity so that you can feel a little better and enjoy life in the short term. The most effective remedy to Stress is making sure that you have a control over all your reactions in the day to day life.

PIP Wireless Biosensor to Reduce Stress Level

This is where this little chill pill PIP Wireless Biosensor comes into existence in helping you Master the Art of Relaxation. The personal input pod is a very little wireless Biosensor which will provide feedback to the users on their Stress Levels and will allow them to relax via a collection of Applications ad Games that will not just help you in reducing your Stress levels but will as well add to enhancements in your personal performance in several other prospects of life.

Working of the Little Chill Pill PIP

Wireless biosensor uses gaming to teach you to relax

When you place this PIP between the Thumb and the Finger , the sensor will measure the conductivity of the Skin via the Galvanic Skin Response that actually changes depending on the stress level of Human Body. The response data will be sent via Bluetooth to the Smartphone. So just by having a look at the GSR data the users can get to know when they are stressed out. The amazing feature about the PIP is that there is Biofeedback loop added to it so that the users can get to know how they can control their response via gaming.

PIP Wireless Biosensor

The PIP Wireless Biosensor project is still in the crowd funding stage and is expected to be shipped sometime early in 2014. So if you are one among them who wants to enhance their Stress Management Skills then contribute to this Kickstarter Campaign to get your PIP at a price tag of 79 dollars when it first hits the market.