Project Loon for All by Google – Balloon Powered Internet Access for Everyone

People with a PC and a Connection have been able to access the Internet which has transformed their lifestyle leading to a transforming revolution in collaboration, education and innovation. Most of the people think that access to Internet is a part of the Global Community. Nevertheless Internet is accessible to the developed world and it still seems to be out of reach of the 2/3rd of the entire population. However the giant web organization Google has taken the initiative to provide Internet access to everyone with the use of Balloons which will fly in the Stratospheric layer and make use of dedicated Radio Frequency Mechanism for providing Internet Access and Connectivity to the people on the ground surrounding the Balloons with the use of Solar Power.

Introducing Project Loon by Google

Balloon Powered Internet for Everyone

Yeah we are talking about the Project Loon by Google which aims at rendering Internet Access to everyone vie Solar Power. Project Loon is a wide network of balloons which will travel on the edge of space with the intent of connecting people in the Remote & Rural locations so that the coverage gaps can be filled and people from any part of the World can be back online after disasters.

Googles Project Loon

The Project Loon works on a simple technology wherein Balloons float in the Stratosphere at a height twice more than that of the Airplanes and the Weather.  These Balloons will be carried around the Earth via Winds and they will be guided by the descending or increasing altitude of Winds moving in the desired direction. Individuals will be able to connect with the Balloon Network through a specialized and dedicated Internet Antenna that will be attached to their respective buildings and the signal is likely to bounce from Balloon to Balloon and after that to the Global Web back on earth. The electronic will be powered through various Solar Panels which will be present between the Hardware and the Balloon. It is expected and estimated that the Loons will be able to provide an Internet Connection on the ground within near about forty kilometers radius.

Technology that Powers Project Loon

Solar Powered Internet for Everyone by Google

The pilot testing for the Project Loon begins this June 2013 on the Fortieth parallel south wherein 30 Balloons will be launched from New Zealand’s south Island and will provide an Internet Beam to couple of pilot testers. The experience of these pilot testers with regards to Internet Connectivity through the Balloon Concept will be used for refining the technology and will help the team enhance the next phase of development.

Loon for All