Idea Rebel, Vancouver contributes in making the Paperless Office Concept – A Dream Come True

The foremost indicator about a Paperless Office came into existence and reality when Samuel Morse actually manufactured the electronic telegraph back in the early 1800’s . It has been more than a century since the computers and Internet which have picked up the pace and there is a notion that paper will go the way of the typewriter. Nevertheless we can still see that Paper is being consumed more than ever.

Environment Friendly Paperless Office

In accordance with the environmental group Clean Up Australia, we gulp down 4.2 million tons of paper per annum. If you keep that in mind then near about 20 trees are cut down for producing one ton of paper and every office worker uses near about fifty kilos of paper every annum. Three years back Leo Hickman of the Guardian said that the there has been a repeated failure to arrive at a Paperless office and this is a big disappointment lasting since long. However the Paperless Office has finally arrived for “The Globe and Mail” which explains about Idea Rebel which is a digital marketing agency in Vancouver that is completely stern and dogmatic about the concept of Paperless Office.

Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel is a complete paperless office in which pay stubs are sent vie emails to employees, all the notes are taken on tablet devices and this is the office where Whiteboards are used extensively. The designers at Idea Rebel are allowed to get in a pad of paper along with them but they must take them back home at the end of the day. The CEO of Idea Rebel Jamie Garratt who wanted to go paperless. The CEO stated that their business is all about manufacturing digital products such as Social Media tools, Web Applications and Websites. Thus making use of paper in this office is quite opposite to the company’s core values. You will be amazed to know that Ideal Rebel in reality turn down any projects or work which requires the Requests for Proposals to be submitted in printed form.

Paperless Office Idea Rebel

Idea Rebel aims at protecting the surroundings by trying to adopt eco friendly strategies and going green and since the beginning of this establishment their main focus has been on digital solutions and they ensured that their office is completely paper free. Rebels at Idea Rebel never fax or print any documents. The rebels at Idea Rebel ensure that they all make use of reusable mugs for their daily Tea or Coffee. Rebels commute to work either by walks or bikes or transit to work and they make sure that power usage and lightning usage is kept to a minimum at Idea Rebels. Every Rebel believes that Small Changes can actually make a lot of difference and help conserve the Environment and the natural resources.