Impress your Dad with Eco Friendly Gifts this Fathers Day

Are you busy celebrating Father’s Day? However confused on what is the best Gift that you can give your Dad this Father’s Day? Read on to ease out your confusion and choose the best non-toxic eco friendly gift for your dad this Father’s Day.

Gift Ideas for Fathers Day 2013

Sunday being celebrated as Father’s Day and if you are planning to do something special for your loving this year then the first thing that we would suggest is that you take some time to think about what your father enjoys so that you can actually choose a gift for your father which he actually uses and enjoys it to the best. Nevertheless the Ecoisms team suggests you that you do not slur and affront the planet Earth by gifting your dad a strange Electronic Gadget that is merely going to accumulate dust until the time it goes to a charity store or any rummage sale or the worth thing is that it landing up in the trash. We at Ecoisms want to make sure that you find just the ideal gift for your Father that will help you show him how much you appreciate him , love home and care for him whilst ensuring that you show your appreciation and positive reception towards Mother Earth too. So here is a post on the top notch Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for your Dad this Fathers Day that will make him feel stylish, pampered and thinking green.

Photo Frame with Worn Out CD’s

Photo Frame with CD

This is one of the most eco friendly gift idea to impress your father with the memorable moments and as well to make the best use of worn out CD’s and DVD’s that are messing up your office or house . You just can gather some old special memorable images of yourself and your father , some old discs , super glue to fashion a picture frame and then go about creating a Photo Frame with the Worn Out CD’s or DVD’s as shown below in this video :

Reveal  Boulder iPad Case

Reveal Boulder iPad Case

If you dad is an iPad geek then this pocketed fleece iPad Case by Reveal is just an ideal Eco Friendly Gift for your father this Father’s Day as it is made up of used consumer plastic bottles. Yeah you read it absolutely right it is made up of Plastic Bottles and the iPad case is so lavish that your Dad can carry it anywhere without having to worry about breaking it. One more option  is the Castro iPad case which is also made from recycled water bottles. It’s so surprising to know that amazing artistic creation can be made with used water bottles.

WakaWaka Power Solar Powered Charger and Lamp

Waka Waka Solar Charger

This novel lamp & solar powered charger has the capability to completely power your Dad’s iPad, Tablet , Smartphone in less than two hours whilst providing you near about ten hours of bright light on a single charge so that the Smartphone becomes 200% extra efficient than any other gadget in the market. This is an amazing eco friendly gift idea that your Dad will drool over. The best thing about this is that when you buy the Waka Waka Solar charger , a portion of the purchase will be given to the Waka Waka Foundation which aims at ending poverty and plus you can get free energy.

Coyuchi Organic Seersucker Robe

Coyuchi Organic Seersucker Robe

In this light and perfect summer time you cannot get a better eco friendly gift than the Coyuchi Organic Seersucker Robe which is made up organic cotton and give your dad a luxurious feel after every bathe. Coyuchi makes use of cent percent pure organic cotton that is woven in India and the Robes produced are through complete fair labor practices with a very minimal impact on the surroundings.

Creativity the Best Non-Toxic  Eco Friendly Gift

Creative Fathers Day Gift Ideas

At times the most excellent gift that you can give to your Dad so as to avoid Toxic Gifts is to give him a gift that will showcase how much you love and care for him. You can either plan to cook a delicious meal for your dad that consists of Organic Food , or simply head out to nature by talking your Dad for a long walk into the world of Greenery or go for a Hike  or try to do some odd jobs around the house for him. Nevertheless spending quality time with your Dad is at all times one of the best gift you can give your Dad this Fathers Day.