Discover More about Wind Energy Power On Global Wind Day 2013

Global Wind Day 2013

A world wide annual event held on 15th June is celebrated as the Global Wind Day as it is a day that is devoted for learning more about Wind, its power and the various possibilities it has to change the world. The Global Wind Day Celebrations are held every year on 15th of June and today is the day that marks the Wind Day Celebrations for the year 2013 and you must wait for fun filled day to be set outside trying to discover wind energy. Wind Day provides an opportunity to all the industry officials, politicians and the public to discuss about this renewable resource Wind Energy and what are the benefits it has , share their thoughts , exchange opinions & strengthen their understanding and knowledge about the Wind Energy along the way.

Global Wind Day June 15 2013
Global Wind Day is celebrated with Zeal and Enthusiasm across the World. In Denmark there is an Annual Political Conference named Folkemodet that coincides with the Wind Day 2013 which has near about 1300 events to be held over 4 days having near about thirty thousand participants. In Europe Wind Energy is considered as a theme of festivals and all the wind farms are kept open. Wind Energy info points are gathered from across the continent from Lisbon to Warsaw.

Wind Day June 15 2013

With the Global Wind Day celebrations on across the world it is time for you to put in your contributions and get involved. You must coordinate and event or if not attend an event or take necessary action to educate the G8 leader to toggle from fossil fuels to the renewable source wind. If even that is not possible you can at least try to strike up a conversation on the subject of wind energy with the person sitting next to you at your office desk or with the chap sitting next to you in the bus or train. Global Wind Day is celebrated to promote the discussion & understanding of wind power. So as an Individual it is your responsibility to join in and discover more about the various possibilities that wind power holds to change the world.

Wind Week 2013