Ultrafast Power Flash Charging Electric Bus all set to be Launched in Geneva

Eco Friendly News on the subject of Electric Buses is getting better day by day with the latest heads-up on the novel 15 seconds flash charging bus to be deployed in Geneva. Electric Buses are a fantastic idea in theory but when it comes to the practical implementation of these buses it is quite challenging to actually find out the most excellent way on how to use the current battery technology. The leading owner and automation technology group has declared that they have developed a paramount technology that will help in charging u the world’s first high capacity flash charging electric bus system. There are several variables such as the Battery Pack Weight, Battery Pack Price , Charging Time , etc  that must be considered so as to acquire excellent performance. So this interesting approach by the Swiss Company ABB which has expertise knowledge in Robotics has come up with the Flash Charging Concept which states that it can recharge an electric bus with 135 passengers in just a matter of 15 seconds with regular stops letting passengers in and out of the bus. ABB has stated that the electric bus will have to be charged only after three or four stops and not at all stops and the best thing is the timing of 15 seconds of charging which is less than the time that is required for passengers to get on to the bus.

135 Passenger Electric Bus with 15 Seconds Flash Charging to be Deployed in Geneva

This novel boost charging technology is going to be deployed between the Geneva Airport and the Exhibition Center Palexpo for the very first with a large capacity. This is based on an automatic flash charging mechanism wherein the bus will be charged at chosen stops for just fifteen seconds. Here is a video which shows a 400 KW station that is positioned overhead at most of the bus stops and is connected with them through a laser controlled moving arm.

Wondering what makes this Eco Friendly? This pilot project by ABB is definitely going to pave way for cost effective & flexible means of public transportation whilst decreasing the pollution and noise.