Gear Up for the Top Five Eco News Headshots for the Weekend

With the Week coming to an end , Ecosims is here with top five eco headshots for the weekend. Over the weekend we have some great spicy Eco Friendly News covered here for you which will not just save the environment  but as well help you make huge savings.


Electric Vehicle Chevrolet Spark all set to Launch at a Price Tag of  27495 Dollars

Chevrolet Spark Pricing 27495$

After EV1 the first ever 100 % eco friendly Electric Vehicle is all set to launch and is expected to be launched at the very first in Oregon and California in the mid of June. With this great fuel economy Electric vehicle ready to gear up the automobile market you need to know that the price tag for this Chevrolet has been set to 27495$ however if you tend to apply a federal tax of 7500$ the price is expected to go down to somewhere around 20000 $ and further you in states like California people get other incentives of near about 2500$ which brings down the price of this EV to near about  17500$. If you consider the great savings on maintenance and gas that the Spark Chevrolet is going to provide it’s a way pretty cheap. Nevertheless if you have an yearning desire to own this Eco Friendly Electric Vehicle then you can as well lease it and the leasing options would vary from one dealer to another.GM has stated that the down payment for it could be near about 1000$ with a monthly installment of 199$. If you want to own an electric car that you get paid to drive them Chevrolet Spark Electric Vehicle is a must drive home for all such people.

SOLAR ROLLERS –RC Race Cars Which Will Outrun You All Through the Day

Solar Powered RC Race Cars


The coming generation should be educated more on renewable energy acceptance and how to conserve power rather than waste it.Kickstarter has put in extra effort to boost the love for Solar Power amongst the Young Generation in the form of a race. Solar Rollers are nothing but remote controlled race cars which will be custom built with the parts of 1/10 scale radio controlled cars. These cars make use of hand soldered solar arrays for generating power and thus signify a valuable prospect to the high school students by training them with hands-on experience in terms of renewable energy. Solar Rollers is a great effort put in by a nonprofit organization Solar Energy International which aims at educating young generation about the promise of free and clean energy from the sun. The cars themselves might not be that out of the ordinary –low and flat to the ground but that are designed mainly for functionality and rather than making them artistic. Nevertheless there is loads of fun one can have with this Batter Free RC car which has a tendency to travel faster than a person can actually sprint. The prototypes of Solar Rollers competed in a demonstration race on May 24th at Denver, Colorado. So if the Kickstarter campaign becomes successful then Solar Energy international will produce instructional and supportive online tutorials for students so that they can build more rollers and plan for more races all across the globe.

Wireless Charging to be implemented in Electric Buses Starting with Long Beach

Wireless Charging Stations Electric Buses

A city becomes more sustainable through better Public Transportation that can be potentially achieved by taking cars off the road and decreasing the emission rate in urbanized areas. You can take an initiative with step towards greening of transportation with the use of Electric Buses which replace the diesel counterparts. The major problem with electric vehicle solutions is that there is a need for several charging stations all through the driving route so that the drivers can keep the batteries charged and broaden their range along with the need of having fast paced charging stations. So in such situation Inductive or Wireless charging stations are just the apt solutions. The Wireless Charging mechanism will make sure that the electric buses automatically receive a charge when they stop at transfer stations which are sufficient enough for driving through the rest of the route. Wireless Charging for electric buses is the very first going to be implemented in Long Beach, California as the city has given a contract to WAVE for several wireless charging stations for the public transportation. The next set of places planned for these Wireless Charging Stations are Germany, Montreal, and Mannheim, Canada. These Wireless Charging Stations will act as key synergy for paving the way towards greener transportation.


Tesco Takes an Oath to Help Customers Waste Less Food

Tesco Pledges to help Consumers Waste Less Food

The popular grocery store in UK has taken an oath to help their customers in reducing their wasteful shopping habits. Tesco plans to conduct a customer research through the Waste and Resource Action Programmed by a nonprofit organization which is funded by various government bodies along with the UK’s department for Environment and the European Union. One of the method in which Tesco  plans to help its customers on wasting less food is by planning to change the way in which the expiry dates of the products will be displayed. More details on how Tesco will help the customers reduce wastage is still wooly.


Sun Water develops Solar Water Pump for Poor Farmers

Sun Water Solar Water Pump

In several parts of the world it is difficult enough to grow food to feed the family nevertheless when poor farmers get a source to grow crop it can actually help them in lifting up their community out of poverty region. Sun Water has taken a systematic approach towards water delivery and plans to develop an end to end optimized irrigation system where every component will be more efficient and affordable starting from the panel to the pump of the drip irrigation system. Sun Water aims at producing a Two Kilowatt Solar Powered System  together with a Storage Tank, Pump , Irrigation Tubing and as well installation as a price of 2900 $ that is well below the cost of alternatives. In accordance with the Sun Water experts this novel solar powered system will irrigate near about 2.5 acres of farm plot that will increase the production of small farmers that is enough for transforming their lives and as well allowing them to produce a Cash Crop for generating considerable income.