Explore Eco-Friendly Burial Options

The funeral practices that are followed nowadays are not eco friendly as it requires cleaning land out for making burial sites, cutting down of tress for making caskets, embalming fluid that contains chemicals such as methanol, formaldehyde, ethanol and various other solvents, green house gases because of emission. With all these non eco-friendly practices Death is definitely not as natural as it should be. Thus Funerals are unfavorable to the Air, Water and Land. However people will be glad to know that Green Funeral Options are gaining huge popularity and people are often opting for Green Burials.


Green Burials are an eco-friendly option when compared to the natural burials for the reason that they do not make use of any kind of vaults, chemicals or conventional coffins. Rather they will be enclosed in pine coffins or shrouds that are Biodegradable and the body will be laid to rest where it will completely decay and turn out as a part of earth. Here we have some innovative and novel Burial Eco-Friendly options which you can choose from:


1)      Compakta Coffins :


These are Eco-Friendly Coffins that are made up of Carbon Board Substance that is produced from unbleached pulp and contain near about sixty percent of Recycled Paper and all the Wood Pulp that is used in the making of this Compakta Coffin is completely certified by the FSC i.e. Forest Stewardship Council.In order to put the coffins together only starch based glues will be used over the non eco friendly options of using tape, screws, or bolts. The handle of this coffin will be made from pure woven cotton.

2)      Batesville Cremation Urns


These are biodegradable scattering urns which when put into water will the urns will float for 1 to 5 minutes prior to descending into the water. After sometime they will completely biodegrade into the water and thus leaving behind no scope for polluting the environment. These urns are available in appealing floral designs and are made up of unbleached pressed cotton.

3)      Arka Ecopod


This is an ecological coffin that is made from compressed Newspaper and has a weight of near about thirty lbs. Thus coffin has the capacity to hold weight up to 250lbs and a height of 183 centimeters or six feet tall person. This coffin come specially designed webbing cradle is durable for being transported and is safe too making it just apt for burial ceremonies. The Arka Ecopod Coffin has passed rigorous emission and regulation tests.

4)      Eco-Coffin


This kind of coffin is cent percent eco-friendly as it is made from cardboard and recycled paper and is available in wide range of designs and colors. You can pick you Poppy, Natural, Wood Grain, Poppy, Ivy or Signature designs or even prefer to have your Family Photo, Personal Tributes, War Decorations and any other personal memory and customize it as per your needs.

5)      Eco-Friendly Coffin Covers



If you are looking for an innovative coffin design in that case you should make use of the coffin covers which add high quality to the appearance of the coffins without contributing to deforestation. Coffin Cover Service will consist of a separate internal coffin that will be made up of simple biodegradable material and before the cremation or the burial the internal coffin will be removed from the outer coffin. So family just needs to buy the low priced internal funeral and they can make use of the outer coffin again and again.