Eco Friendly Homes for students in Sweden by Tengbom architects

sweden home 2

Eco friendly and affordable students home is a fantastic idea, that was put into practice by  Tengbom architects. This designing firm has created a beautiful small dwelling, that is crafted within just 10 square meters. Currently on display at the Virserum Art Museum in Småland, Sweden, this tiny house will give the students community the much needed comfort and sustainability.

sweden home 4


Tengbom Architects, during conceiving and designing of the house, collaborated with the students at the University of Lund to carefully tailor the new flat to student preferences. Each unit of this small green home features a comfortable sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom and even a small garden with a patio. An experiment in affordable student housing, the architects obtained special permission to have zoning minimums reduced from 25 square-meters to just 10 square-meters. This 40% reduction in building footprint would save students 50% in rent.

sweden home 3

Interestingly, these tiny structures also help in significantly reducing carbon footprint. To make the house more green and energy efficient, locally sourced cross-laminated wood was chosen as the primary construction material due to its renewable properties. Working with wood manufacturer Martinsons, the architects also devised an assembling technique, that could be done on-site to reduce construction time.

The exhibit will be open to the public until December 8, 2013. In January of next year, 22 units will be built and ready for student move-in.

Via: Inhabitat