LIAM- An affordable and portable windmill for urban life


Creating an energy source at your abode, that renewable and sustainable is not easy. Till now, it is only solar energy that has made a mark in this respect. But now, Rotterdam company Archimedes has developed a small portable windmill, that can be conveniently set up in your roof top, thus using wind energy optimally. LIAM- the all new portable is an ideal device for urban setting. Places where space is a always a hindrance, such a small and affordable device comes as a welcome change. Liam is incredibly compact, and its yearly output averages between 300 and 2500 kilowatts, depending on wind speed and roof height. You can also place more than one of these windmills on your roof for added power, or combine them with solar panels so you have a backup source of energy on still days. The price in Holland will be € 3,999 (approximately $5,452 USD), and a mini-LIAM will soon be available as well. These turbines will be available for consumers to order as of June 1st, 2014.

liam 3


Needless to say, such endeavors give hope for a eco friendly ways of life in the future. Perhaps something, that can unburden our environment considerably, and help us built ways for more sustainable living.

Via: Archimedes