Now upgrade to an electric vehicle, and pocket $11,000, offers France


France has come up with an indigenous way of dealing with issues related to environmental pollution and degradation. To do away with the gas guzzlers, now you can exchange a green vehicle and also pocket a whooping $11,000. Isn’t that interesting ?? This incentive is valid for all those owners, who want to trade their more than 13 years old gas cars, and replace it with an eco friendly, pollution free and sustainable green car. The campaign comes from the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, and seeks to target older cars, which are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.


This incentive plan is sprearheaded by former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal, who is now head of Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The “conversion premium,” is available to any individual in the nation who trades in an old clunker for a vehicle that runs on clean energy. However, the dollar amount depends on the type of vehicle purchased, and ranges up to €10,000 ($11,321.47 at today’s exchange rate) if a fully electric vehicle is selected, or up to €6,500 ($7,358.37) for a plug-in hybrid. If the old car is replaced with a vehicle that meets Euro 6 specifications and emits less than 110 gCO2/km, there’s an additional €500 ($565.64) incentive for non-taxable households.

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The French approach is similar to the one opted United States few years back. But experts feel that it is in many ways better and more viable. That’s because the payout in France comes only for purchases an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, so there’s no doubt that carbon emissions will be reduced by the swap.

The issue of pollution is so bad in France, that it has already started applying multiple ways of combating it.. If this campaign is successful, perhaps the department will expand it in the future to include certain younger vehicles, as well.

Via: Inhabitat