Now preserve waterways with this new stylish NOX SV electric speedboat

electric boat 2

The pollution in the waterways due to water sports and boating have been a concern for quite some time now, and there are people who have voiced the need to have a boats, that would would meet the requirements for conservation of the same. Conservation of water based environment will not only allow you to enjoy the moment, but also ensure minimum burden the water bodies. Boating is perhaps one way through which huge contamination of the water bodies take place. Keep it clean, unpolluted and fresh is probably the need of the hour. Keeping all these in mind, just like electric car and electric bus, now electric boat is a long awaited solution, that will ease up considerable burden on the water ways. This eco friendly boating practice, all these years have been limited by speed and flexibility. But, German shipwrights Rivers and Tides are completing their brand new NOX SV electric speedboat, that will give electric boat rides an all new meaning ! Made of teak and mahogany, this classy looking water delight boasts a 225-hp electric motor, and promises a speed of up to 120 km/h. Check out the Rivers and Tides website for more information about this limited series, as only five are being created, and they’re going to go fast.

electric boat 3

This smart and elegant green option is definitely going to be a boon for people who have been all along rooting for a clean and pollution free water way option. Needless to say, such green endeavors not only make our live toxic-free, but also help create a greener and safer planet, on the whole.

Via: Rivers and Tides