10 beautiful green gifts for your Valentine this season !!

go green valentines day

The love drenched days are here, and we all are yet again set to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Valentine’s day is all about love, so why not for a change this year let’s shower some love to our mother earth as well? Let’s for a change go green this Valentines’, and choose some beautiful green gifts for your partner, that will have little impact on the environment, and also sweep your sweetie off of his or her feet. Below are 10 eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift, that will show your unmatched love not only for your loved ones, but also to the nature around us. Have a look !

Gift or Adopt an animal

Valen pet gift
Share your love by bringing home or adopting a pet from the farm. This will not only be a great gift, but also be a generous gesture towards an animal. This whole concept is even more easy if your partner loves animal. You can adopt them at farms, and also bring it home as a sweet home. In either case, this will be a lovely Valentine’s gift in many ways.

Do it Yourself (DIY)

Valen DIY gift
This option is for all you people who want to unleash their creativity for love! There is no dearth of things that you can make as gift for your partner. Pen a song, a poem, or draw a portrait. If this isn’t enough, you can make a photo frame, and gift it with a ‘we pic’. The list is endless, but certainly not your love. So, go ahead, create something on your own, and wrap it with love for this special day.

Gift a plant

valen plant
This yet another beautiful gift on Valentine’s Day. Show your love for the person as well as for the nature, that has give you everything you have today. Watch your love grow by giving your significant other this romantic, symbolic gift. Some plants, such as asters and white carnations, are universal symbols of love. However, anything, a plant or a flower can be a special as long as it is sprinkled with love.

Eco friendly Chocolates

Valen choco
Chocolate is the quintessential love gift anytime. But, recently, there has been a lot of resentment regarding its manufacturing process, child labor, machinery and all. So, to keep the trend intact, but without posing an environmental threat, why not gift some eco friendly chocolates this time. There are quite a few utterly delicious organic brands available in the market, that will duly satisfy your love life, and sweet tooth, at the same time.

Organic Wine

valen wine
Dine and wine in style with an array of organic wines, that are available in stores. Organic wine has no added sulfates, is made from organic grapes and needs governmental certification. Biodynamic wine is not only organic, but takes the entire ecosystem into account during production. So, go ahead and give your beloved a organic wine duly wrapped with love,care and good health.

Eco friendly Jewelery

valen jewelery
Undoubtedly jewelery is one of the best things to gift your lady love, on any occasion. On this Valentine’s day, why not drift from the conventional ones, and try some eco friendly ones. You will not be disappointed at all by the array of amazing design that are exhibited by sustainable jewelery companies. Try some this season, and along with the environment, make your love life dazzle like never before.

Eco Friendly Greeting Card

valen card
Won’t it be amazing, if you try and gift a Valentine’s day greeting card made all by yourself. It is no difficult task ! All you need to do is get some trash stuff around your home, and create something original and beautiful, that speaks your heart. Trust me, there is nothing more romantic than gifting a card completely done by yourself ! So, try now and weave magic on this special day.

An organic Dinner

Valen dinner
A cozy romantic organic dinner on Valentine’s day ! Well, this is going to be a real treat wrapped with loads of love, care and good health. An organic dinner will certainly be completely devoid of all harmful chemicals and toxins. So, a dinner of this sort will not be symbolic of your pure love, but will also pave way for an organic living. So, start planning now, and treat yourself and your love with a sumptuous eco dinner.

Eco friendly cosmetics

valen cosmetics
Cosmetics made with fruits and vegetable extracts are yet again lovely Valentine gift options. Rather than gifting cosmetic hampers laced with toxic chemicals, choose some organic cosmetics, that are not only good for beautiful skin and eyes, but also all round well being. You can choose individual portions or a completely gift hamper. There are quite a good number of organic cosmetic brands available to spoil you for choices. Take a plunge now !

Eco friendly Romantic Trips

Valen travel
If you have already tried all the above ones, eco friendly tour is definitely going to make your Valentine Day a really special one. Plan one small or elaborate tour along with your partner. Keep it simple, but cozy enough to make each and every moment memorable. There are ample of places to chose from, so don’t delay and make the arrangements of your Valentine’s Day right away.