‘Cash for Container’, an innovative initiative in Australia to encourage recycling


Over the years, there has been an increasing concern among the environmentalists regarding the outgrowing of plastic waste in the environment. It has been seen in recent years, that plastic bottles have conveniently taken over the cigarette butts that used to litter the coastline and the waterways. Needless to say, this has been a major cause of severe environment pollution and thus, a matter of huge concern vis-a-vis. To encourage people get used to recycling more and more, in Sydney, kiosks are being installed, that take in recyclable cans and plastic bottles, and allow recyclers to choose their rewards, from cash to bus tickets, or even movie tickets. These kiosks are known as ‘Cash for Container’. An extremely innovative and interesting concept, this is expected to create the much needed awareness regarding the need to recycle plastic, and the rewards will act as a sheer motivation. The authorities are also hopeful, that this idea will also prove to be an appropriate headway to reduce public litter, which in turn will reduce the onslaught of plastic from polluting the coastline and local waterways. If this succeeds, such kiosks will be installed in other cities too for the betterment of the environment, at large.

Via: Inhabitat