Glowing Plant in the Limelight of Eco Friendly Innovations for 2013


The imaginations of backers is now being ruled over by the glowing plant which is going to produce green light and act as a sustainable light source. The glowing plant project was started with an initial goal of 65000 dollars but with a month for its launch it the project has successfully raised near about 243000 dollars. The backers have promised to deliver the glowing plant seeds but they have said that it is not possible to deliver them until next May. The Bio hacking team has to say that in future there will no need for electricity and trees are going to act as Street lights. The researchers are enthusiastic to say  that their combination of sustainable lighting and synthetic biology is an open source. The team has promised that the entire output of this project including the DNA constructs , the plants and everything else will be released as an open source.


For this project the team has chosen a plant from the Mustard Family as it is easy to experiment with this plant and chances for it turning into wild are minimal. Nevertheless the team is expecting that similar process will be applied to the commercially appealing rose. The Glowing Plant project team is going to work with an enzyme named Luciferase  that is commonly found in Fireflies and as well some  other glowing bacteria and fungi. Researchers have already been successful in designing the DNA sequences with a software named Genome Compiler  that lets you easily crate genetic sequences. Having designed the DNA they will print it and the last step will be to transfer it to plants. Now the idea of walking down a path that is lit by glowing tress is so enticing and not so far from being fulfilled