10 stunning Eco friendly gift options for this new year. Check out !

New year is that time of the year when we generously gift our near and dear ones. There are plenty of things, that we can gift our people. But, the most valuable of them is ofcourse, if you can gift them a healthy and peaceful life. Your heard it right ! There are ways, that can help you gift peace, health and joy to someone special. Eco friendly gifts, which are completely devoid of harmful chemicals, are best things, that you can present your people. Here is a list of 10 amazing eco friendly gift, that are not only beautiful, but also ensures a healthy, stylish and responsible living for them. Have a look !

Eco friendly Baby products

gift baby product
Kids are the first beneficiaries of gifts. So gifting them that is totally harmless is essential. Eco friendly baby products are made with natural ingredients, and completely toxic free. These are safe for the baby’s over all health. So, needless to say, one of the best gifts that you can give this new year.

Eco friendly Baby Toys

gift baby toy
The benefits of gifting a eco friendly toy to any kid are many. Made with recycled things and naturally sustainable materials, the green toys are again completely devoid of chemicals. Toys which are made with plastic is particularly harmful for kids. But, wooden toys are much safer, and gives the kid a harmless environment.

Eco friendly Bags

gift bag
If you have a stylish friend or a cousin, do not hesitate to gift trendy eco friendly bag. Not only are these bags very stylish, they are also very safe and highly sustainable. Available in various colors and designs, green bag is definitely a good choice for gift.

Eco friendly cosmetics

gift cosmetics
Eco friendly skin products prove to be great gifting options. You can either go for any particular product or get a green hamper. Made with natural fruit, vegetable and flower extracts, these products are extremely healthy for the skin, and one can use it without worrying about the skin rashes or boils. Choose from an array of products, that are available in green stores, and gift someone special.

Book on being eco friendly

gift books
What better gift than an eco friendly book ! If you have a book worm friend, or otherwise, a book on different aspects of environment is definitely something worth. This will not only give the person an insight about going green, but also help them understand the finer nuances of this eco friendly revolution. Eco friendly books are also package in an green way to make it more stylish and appealing. So, don’t think much, instead, grab a copy and gift on this coming new year.

Eco Friendly Jewelry

gift jewelery
When beauty blends with responsibility, it creates sheer magic! Green jewelry is one such thing, that brings out the best in you, in every sense. Made with recycled sustainable materials, the green jewelry give away zero waste, compared to the other meal that are being used for making ornaments. Available in dazzling colors and beautiful styles, green jewelry makes an sizzling gift for this new year. Have some for you, and also as gifts !

Eco friendly Wine

gift wine
How about gifting some green wines this new year ! Organic wines are made from completely chemical-free organic grapes, and require certification from a government agency. In addition, no sulfates may be added. Biodynamic wines are the most environmentally aware of all wines. If this isn’t enough, apart from using organic grapes, every aspect of the wine-making ecosystem is taken into account, from the soil to the alignment of the moon and stars. So, gift your friend a good  dose of health and fun !

Eco friendly Chocolate

gift chocolate
Well, what better than gifting some yummy and delicious choco treats to your friends! Gifting chocolates have other benefits too. An eco-friendly and sustainable chocolate could both provide a yummy treat and help support better environmental practices, as there has always been a debate about the fair trade practices and wasteful production in the cocoa industry. The eco friendly chocolates are unprocessed, local, use organic ingredients, and packaged in alternative, biodegradable corn-starch materials instead of styrofoam.

Eco friendly Candles

gift candles
Candles are the most common and cherished holiday gifts. But eco friendly candles have their definite own charm. Burning conventional candles would mean, you breathe in or burn harmful, synthetic chemicals. But green candles give you a harmless smoke with natural aroma, that makes the environment an absolute bliss. In the recent past, soy wax has become a popular substitute to crude oil-derived waxes for environmentally-conscious candle companies. Green candles are made with 100% natural wax, scents and even lead and chemical-free cotton wicks. Their packaging is also made out of biodegradable plastics and recycled paper.

Eco friendly greeting Cards

gift card
How can your gifting be complete with greeting cards. Green cards are easy to make with abandoned stuff  left after Christmas, or otherwise. You can choose any style and design of your choice and unleash your creativity to the max. Even kids can enjoy, and be part of your greeting cards making trip. Believe it or not, there is nothing more satisfying than gifting something made by you !! Try out now !