Now, find your lost object with an all new app- Lymbit !

At some point of time, all of us struggle with finding out our lost objects. Be it our car key, wallet, mobile and what not! But now, just relax ! With Lymbit, finding lost objects is easier than never before. Developed by a four member young and energetic team, Lymbit is all set to ease our lives in a much better and brighter way. The team Lymbit have created and developed a system, that along with their gadget allows you to locate your items using your own mobile phone (app), smart watch, Google Glass, or any other device within seconds, finding the last place you left it or even locating it on a map away from you and being able to communicate with someone who is close to your object, no matter how far you may be.

20141125121024-imatge_maThe team believes, and they quote, “We do not want this to stay as a simple desire, we want to make it happen, and we want to do it with Lymbit. Money is not our main goal, we are motivated by something much more powerful: our passion for what we do. And that’s the first step to success.”

Lymbit - Never lose anything again!The team tries to exemplify their product to make fully understood, which is the idea they want to convey. They propose different situations such as:
1. Keys have been lost at home. Having placed a Lymbit on our key, we will know how close we are to them with a numeric indicator on our mobile phone.
2. We do not want to leave home without the wallet. Activating the listen mode, we can activate an alert if we move too far from the wallet so we will never leave home without it.
3. We have gone out for a drink by bike and left it out. Activating the sensor we can detect any vibration in it, so that we know if someone is moving it to try to steal it. The same could be done by sticking the Lymbit to a door, and so we would be warned every time it opens.
4. We have lost a bag/handbag and do not know where it is. Consulting our map, we can see its last known location while it was being carried.
5. Our dog is gone missing. We can activate the missing mode which will seek the dog from our network of people, its current position will be updated and we will be given the opportunity to get in touch with someone close to it through internal chat application that communicates without having the contact of the person.

app2r2 redlymbit PANCHO3 Lymbit - Never lose anything again!The mechanism of Lymbit is simply fascinating. When you walk away from your object, you will receive a notification to your smartphone telling you it. You can set the distance you wish to be notified of custom shape from 1 meter to 50 meters. You can be notified if something is moving too. The greatest thing is, that you will be able to receive all notifications in any device you want: Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Google Glass etc. You will also be able to communicate to any person near to your lost object to ask them for their help in order to recover your lost object.

The Lymbit team says, “Our goal is people helping other people just because we are in an awesome connected society full of kindness.” They further added, “we are convinced, that we will succeed, we just need the final push. Lymbit can be a world leader. It can be the first and best in the industry, but only if people is committed to it.”

LYMBIT – Never lose anything again from Lymbit on Vimeo.

Curently, Lymbit has been put up for crowd funding through indiegogo . Undoubtedly, with Lymbit finding lost objects can never be more easier. We wish them, the very best !!