Without Internet, now connect with the world through pocket–size Lantern

It is a known fact, that a sizable population in this planet do not have an access to Internet due to various economical and geographical reasons. Also, the natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, snap out the power lines, which leads to total loss of communication, that we get through Internet. Well, to combat this issue, now Outernet has designed a pocket-sized Internet device called Lantern, that is capable of giving data connectivity, even without Internet access. This is done using satellite broadcast radio waves. In short, Outernet, aims to provide users with an anonymous, portable library, that constantly receives free data from space.

Pocket-Sized Lantern Connects You to the World Even When There's No Internet Service  Read more: Pocket-Sized Lantern Connects You to the World Even When There's No Internet Service | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building Well, it is interesting to know how Lantern works. The device continuously receives radio waves broadcast from space by Outernet’s satellite transmitters. It turns the signals into digital files, such as readable webpages, ebooks, videos, and music. The device can receive and store any type of digital file, and to view stored files users simply turn on its Wi-Fi hotspot, and connect with a Wi-Fi-enabled device. Users just need a browser installed to get going. A homemade satellite receiver could perform the same function, but the Lantern packs down the equipment requirements into a flashlight-sized unit. Apart from all these, the device even has its own solar panels to charge itself.

According to Outernet, the mechanism of Lantern can be best understood through the working of an FM radio. They say, “Outernet is like the radio station and Lantern is the radio.” There is a lot of info regarding Lantern, that you can get through Indiegogo page. You can also get hold of a Lantern in just $99, if you pledge this to the fund raiser. However, the eventual price of Lantern is estimated to be $149.

Website: www.outernet.is